WL16 Grass Ring


ClaroLux's® WL16 Grass Rings are stamped and drawn from C260 brass sheet and stained to match all of ClaroLux's® antique brass WL16 landscape lighting luminaires. The 7.4" brass rings are available for the WL16-RS-III and the WL16-FT-III In-Ground MR16 Well Light fixtures. The WL16 Grass Ring creates a protective buffer between grass, mulch, or pebbles to protect the luminaire from being covered. The WL16 Ring gives ClaroLux's® MR16 Well Lights a custom finished look. All of ClaroLux's® Brass Well Light Grass Rings are manufactured in Greensboro, NC.

Manufactured In: USA
Material: Brass
Finish: Antique Brass
Diameter: 7.4"
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Made in USA