Sod/Wire Staples


ClaroLux's® 6", square-top, low voltage wire, staples are commercial grade landscape staples that will help you get the job done. These steel staples are designed specifically for holding down landscape lighting wire.  They are made with 11-gauge steel and sharp chisel points. Their solid construction and sharp chiseled points make the staples easy to get into the ground.  ClaroLux's® solid steel wire staples are made with pride in the USA. 

Other names for Landscape Staples: Garden Stakes, Sod Staples, Fence Staples, Landscape Fabric Pins, Landscape Fabric Staples, Landscape Stakes, Steel Stakes, Lawn Staples, Anchor Pins, Sod Pins and Ground Staples.

Manufactured In: USA
Finish: Raw US Steel
11 Gauge
Size: 6"x1"x6"
Quantity Per Box: 1000
Made in USA