MR16 USHIO Ultraline


Introducing the longest life landscape lighting MR16 on the market with lamp life up to 10,000 hours. Historically MR16 lamps were known for outstanding performance, but limited life capability. USHIO broke new ground with the introduction of the Ultraline™ lamp series which allowed for long lamp life while maintaining outstanding lamp performance. The Ultraline™ Titan lamps from USHIO takes MR16 technology one step further. 

Manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines and through proprietary advancements in filament design, gas fill technologies and refinements in the reflector coating process, Ultraline™ Titan lamps produce long life hours and maintain their consistent halogen color throughout the life of the lamp. The halogen capsule also helps to protect ultraviolet sensitive objects by eliminating harmful UV emissions.  Rated at more than three times the life of standard MR16 lamps on the market, Ultraline™ Titan lamps are the astute choice for those applications where frequency of lamp changes and cost of ownership are significant factors. 

  • USHIO Ultraline MR16 20 Watt 36 Degree 10,000hr (BAB/FG) Model Number: MR16-2036-Ultra
  • USHIO Ultraline MR16 35 Watt 36 Degree 10,000hr (FMW/FG) Model Number: MR16-3536-Ultra

Manufactured In: Germany
Available Wattages: 20W & 35W
Life Expectancy: 10,000hr
Base Type: GU5.3
Color Temp: 3100k