T5 Wedge Lamps 200+ Lumens


At ClaroLux we offer several different Lamp options for T5 wedge base LED replacement lamps.  All LED lamps we offer have a multi-directional beam pattern, and are fully dimmable.  These lamps are energy efficient and water resistant. Designed specifically for landscape retrofit applications, ideal for pathway lighting fixtures, step lights, and deck lights. 

Replaces: 20-25 watt halogen


Brilliance LED: 5 year Warranty

Emery Allen: Limited Lifetime Warranty



  • EmeryAllen T5 2.5W 2700K (250 Lumen) Model Number: EA T5 2.5W 2700K
  • EmeryAllen T5 2.5W 3000K (250 Lumen) Model Number: EA T5 2.5W 3000K
  • Brilliance Beacon 2.1W 3000K T5 (200 Lumens) Model Number: B-Beacon T5 2W 3000K

These lamps are between 1.9W and 2.9W depending on the lamp.