SL16 Specialty Light


The Creedmoor specialty light is manufactured out of C260 and C360 US Grade brass. The ClaroLux® Creedmoor MR16 specialty light features a swivel bracket that allows 180-degree rotation. The bracket works with ClaroLux's® patented SM100-TB surface mount (shown in pictures) which makes the SL16-III more than just an standard up light.  The Creedmoor MR16 luminaire is a versatile fixture that allows it to be used for a number of different functions.  This light is not only great for down lighting applications but also for surface mounted up lighting on hardscape projects.  By adding the optional 7" extension visor to the Creedmoor, the fixture becomes a light that can be used for moon lighting applications without creating lightglare.  The Creedmoor is one of ClaroLux's® best creations yet and is available with Brilliance direct replacement MR16 LEDs which hosts a variety of lamp options. 


Note: Optional SM100-TB mount shown in pictures with the SL16-III

Bulb Type: MR16
Manufactured In: USA
Meets UL 1838 Code
Maximum Wattage: 35 Watts
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Wire Lead: 25FT 18AWG SJOOW
Made in USAUL