AL4-I Area Light


Elegant and stylish, the Rosolino features an arching stem that resembles many of mother natures most beautiful creations. Resembling a flower, the Rosolino directs light in a downward pattern creating soft yet sufficient light to help illuminate any path or walking area. Ideal for walkways, the Rosolino copper path light is also perfect for when planter areas need lighting. Available with Brilliance direct replacement LEDs which hosts a variety of lamp options. Brilliance LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours with minimal lumen degradation. LEDs are easily replaceable. The Rosolino comes with ClaroLux's exclusive Lifetime Warranty.  Please note that supplies are limited on this item.

Bulb Type: T3 Bi-Pin
Manufactured In: China
Meets UL 1838 Code
Maximum Wattage: 20 Watts
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Wire Lead: 25FT 18AWG SPT-2