PAR36 Halogen Lamp


The GE 12V PAR36 halogen lamps are available in 20 watts, 35 watts and 50 watts.  They have screw terminal bases, and beam angles that range from 18˚ to 180˚, and have an average life of 4,000 hours. PAR36 sealed beam light bulbs are ideal for track lighting, landscape lighting, spot lights, billboards, pools, and a variety of other specialized uses. Sealed beam lamps are the preferred lamp for outdoor landscape lighting applications as their unique flame-sealed design protects the lamp from premature failure due to weather conditions.

  • GE 35W PAR36-NSP Model Number: 35W-PAR36-NSP-19876
  • GE 35W PAR36-WFL Model Number: 35W-PAR36-WFL-19877
  • GE 35W PAR36-VWFL Model Number: 35W-PAR36-VWFL-42072

Assembled In: USA
Available Wattages: 20W, 35W, 50W
Life Expectancy: ~4,000hr
Base Type: Screw Terminal
Color Temp: 3000k
Assembled in USAUL