G4 Bi-Pin Bulbs


JC-X G4 12V Xenon Bi-pin bulbs have a pin spacing of 4 millimeters. They are available in 5W, 10W, & 20W. These Xenon lamps are typically used in area lights, path lights, deck lights, step lights and other accent lighting fixtures. The Xenon gas allows the lamps to burn cooler than traditional halogen lamps thus increasing the life expectancy up to 20,000hrs.  

  • Xenon 5W G4 Bipin 10,000hr Lamp Model Number: JXC-G4-5W
  • Xenon 10W G4 Bipin 10,000hr Lamp Model Number: JXC-G4-10W
  • Xenon 20W G4 Bipin 20,000hr Lamp Model Number: JXC-G4-20W

Manufactured In: China
Available Wattages: 5W, 10W & 20W
Life Expectancy: 10,000-20,000hr
Base Type: G4
Color Temp: 3000k