Custom Color Information


At ClaroLux® we are pleased to offer the custom colors shown below for a one time per order set-up fee of $25.00 and custom production fee of $10.00 per fixture except for Antique Copper*.

ClaroLux® Stocked Custom Colors

  • Textured Bronze-TB                                         
  • High Gloss Black-HGB
  • High Gloss White-HGW
  • Textured Matte Rust-MTR
  • Semi-Gloss Black-SGB
  • Semi-Gloss White-SGW
  • Semi-Gloss Nickel-SGN
  • Semi-Gloss Sandstone-SGS
  • Antique Copper * Set-up fee $50.00 and a custom production fee of $10.00, minimum order $200.00.

There is no order minimum for ClaroLux® Stocked Custom Colors. The lead time for ClaroLux® Stocked Custom Colors is five (5) business days or less. ClaroLux® Stocked Custom Colors are produced on Monday.

Non-Standard ClaroLux® Custom Colors

For those non-standard custom colors other than ClaroLux® Stocked Custom Colors there is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00 and a non-standard customer color production fee of $10.00 per fixture. These fees cover the cost of purchasing a custom powder coat and the labor to custom finish and powder coat each fixture.

The minimum order for non-standard customs colors is $500.00 with a lead time for non-standard custom colors of fifteen (15) business days.

We are happy to suggest or help you identify a custom color, but ultimately the decision for the appropriate color is the responsibility of the customer.

For non-standard colors please contact us at 336.378.6800 or at with more specific information (RAL number, powder coat name, etc.) to ensure we are able to source the appropriate color.

All custom color fees are non-refundable and custom color fixtures are non-returnable.