Honeycomb MR16 Louver

HC Louver-MR16

Lens or other light control accessories can greatly enhance the quality of life or professional design of a space. Certain louvers or lenses can reduce uncomfortable glare by shielding or softening the projected light. Other lenses control light by filtering out wavelengths to enhance certain colors in the lit object.  ClaroLux's® Honeycomb Louvers are great for shielding the light source and creating a glare-free environment.  If you have areas where light glare is an issue simply add one of ClaroLux's honeycomb louvers to the MR16 fixture and it will eliminate the glare while not affecting the appearance that you desire from your luminaire.  ClaroLux's MR16 Honeycomb louvers can be used in any of ClaroLux's MR16 landscape lighting fixtures.  

Manufactured In: China
Warranty: 1 Year