Hanger Bolt Driver


ClaroLux® provides stainless steel hanger bolts, nuts and washers with all of their down light fixtures.  For easy installation of ClaroLux's® stainless steel hanger bolts use the HBD-1/4-20 hanger bolt driver.  It fits into any drill or impact driver and makes installation a breeze.  Simply insert the hanger bolt driver into your drill or impact driver and thread the bolts into the driver.  Once you have threaded the hanger bolts into the driver simply place the bolts where you would like them and drill them into place. It's that easy! 

Note: Installing luminaires on living trees requires a stand-off to allow for growth of the tree.  Hanger bolts help to preserve our planets trees by keeping the luminaires off of the surface.  

Manufactured In The USA
1/4 Thread Pattern
Fits Any Drill Type
Made in USA