Extension Riser Poles


ClaroLux's® Extension Riser Poles are great for elevating luminaires above the plant material, and match seamlessly with all ClaroLux's® outdoor lighting fixtures (same material, finish and thickness). Extension Riser Poles must be combined with ClaroLux's couplers (COUP-II, COUP-III, or COUP-IV) to attach luminaires.


  • 1/2"-14 NPSM male threads on both ends
  • Available in Brass, Copper, and Aluminum
  • Available in  6", 12", 24", and 36" lengths (custom lengths available)
  • Made in Greensboro, NC
  • Extension Pole Antique Brass 6 Model Number: BLEP6-III
  • Extension Pole Antique Brass 12 Model Number: BLEP12-III
  • Extension Pole Antique Brass 24 Model Number: BLEP24-III
  • Extension Pole Antique Brass 36 Model Number: BLEP36-III
  • Extension Pole Copper 6 Model Number: BLEP6-II
  • Extension Pole Copper 12 Model Number: BLEP12-II
  • Extension Pole Copper 24 Model Number: BLEP24-II
  • Extension Pole Copper 36 Model Number: BLEP36-II
  • Extension Pole Bronze Aluminum 6 Model Number: BLEP6-IV
  • Extension Pole Bronze Aluminum 12 Model Number: BLEP12-IV
  • Extension Pole Bronze Aluminum 24 Model Number: BLEP24-IV
  • Extension Pole Bronze Aluminum 36 Model Number: BLEP36-IV

Made in USA
Structural Lifetime Warranty (Brass & Copper)
Made in USA