MR16 USHIO Eurostar


USHIO's Eurostar™ reflector utilizes a multilayer titanium oxide coating which is much more durable than the standard dichroic coatings. The thickness and application of these coatings ensure that they do not crack or peel under the stress of high temperatures. USHIO's Eurostar MR16's maintain color from lamp to lamp and throughout the life of the lamp. 

Inferior lamps display uneven and inaccurate beam patterns. Beam accuracy and uniformity is controlled by proper alignment of the lamp filament within the reflector. USHIO focuses the lamp filament inside the reflector, thereby optimizing the lamp's specified beam pattern, light intensity, and beam uniformity.

  • USHIO Eurostar MR16 20 Watt 36 Degree 5,000hr (BAB/FG) Model Number: MR16-2036-5k
  • USHIO Eurostar MR16 35 Watt 36 Degree 5,000hr (FMW) Model Number: MR16-3536-5k
  • USHIO Eurostar MR16 35 Watt 60 Degree 5,000hr (FMW/60) Model Number: MR16-3560-5k

Manufactured In: Germany
Available Wattages: 20W & 35W
Life Expectancy: ~5,000hr
Base Type: GU5.3
Color Temp: 3000k