Edge MR16 LED - 2700k


Brilliance's new MR-16 Edge Series LED is designed for use in both enclosed fixtures and open fixtures where precision lighting and very high color rendering (CRI: 93+) are required. The Edge LED MR16 is perfect for recessed downlights, track lights, wall washing, accent and in-ground lighting.  It will work with both electronic and magnetic drivers.  The 7 watt Brilliance LED MR16 is equivalent to a 50 watt halogen MR16.  These LED’s are also thermally engineered to operate in enclosed fixtures, and they also feature Brilliance's enhanced ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) Protection (IEC-61000-4-2), as well as Brilliance's built-in Heat Overload Protection Technology - which gives you added security by automatically cooling down (reducing lumen output) only when exposed to extreme heat (air temperatures above 125ºF). Best of all, there is no color shift when lumens output is reduced, and overall lamp life is improved. When extreme temperatures drop below 125ºF, full lumens output will automatically resume. 

  • 7W EDGE MR16 LED 15˚ 2700k Model Number: B-MR16 EDGE 7W 2700K 15
  • 7W EDGE MR16 LED 30˚ 2700k Model Number: B-MR16 EDGE 7W 2700K 30

Lamp Type: MR16 LED
Available Wattages: 7W
Base Type: GU5.3
Color Temp: 2700k
CRI: 93
Warranty: 5 Years From Brilliance