Copper Crimps & Grease Tubes


Medium and large size, direct bury splice, DBR connectors from ClaroLux® are the best way to protect your landscape lighting system's connections and to prevent wicking from occuring. These DBR's are a premium moisture-resistant connector that is used to electrically connect and moisture seal thicker insulation wire. The ClaroLux® DBR's are 100% waterproof thus giving your landscape lighting system a connection that will last up to 50 years. ClaroLux® offers two sizes, medium DBR connectors which consist of medium size copper crimp connectors and large DBR connectors which consist of large size copper crimp connectors.  Both are provided with high impact, black, UV-resistant tubes that are prefilled with moisture resistant lithium grease. UL-listed for direct bury and rated for 600V. Medium Grease Tubes come 50/bag bulk and Large Grease Tubes come 25/bag bulk.

  • Medium DBR Grease Tube Connectors Model Number: GT-CC-M
  • Large DBR Grease Tube Connectors Model Number: GT-CC-L

Manufactured In: USA
Finish: Black Plastic
Filled with 50 Year Lithium Grease
Meets UL 1838 Code
Made in USAUL