AL26/WFL26 Glare Shield


ClaroLux's® Glare Shields are manufactured out of solid brass and copper to match ClaroLux's® AL26 and WFL26 landscape lighting fixtures. The adjustable, stainless steel, alan head screw on the glare shield enables the accessory to be attached to either the AL26 or WFL26 luminaire. The glare shield is fully adjustable so any angle can be achieved to prevent light glare. Each glare shield comes with ClaroLux's Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.  

  • Copper Glare Shield Model Number: WFL26-II-GS
  • Brass Glare Shield Model Number: WFL26-III-GS

Assembled In: USA
Stained/Polished In: USA
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Assembled in USA