ABS Well Light Cover


ClaroLux's® ABS Well Light Covers are injection molded in the USA with black ABS plastic and IZOD additives to help add strength to the covers.  The WLC-ABS covers with clear heat tempered glass lenses easily fit onto ClaroLux's WL2 and WL3 well light fixtures.  These covers are great for applications such as needing to protect the fixture from being covered by mulch or pine straw.  The WLC-ABS gives ClaroLux's® WL3 Well Lights a custom finished look that also add a layer of protection.  All of ClaroLux's® ABS Well Light Covers are manuactured in the USA.

Manufactured In: USA
Finish: ABS w/ IZOD
Glass: Clear
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Made in USA