Forsyth Woman Magazine Features One Of ClaroLux's® Dealers This Month - Castlelights

Tim Burge - CastleLights If you’re a homeowner, it’s safe to say that you’ve put much of your hard earned dollars into making your castle beautiful and safe. But one area that many homeowners overlook is outside their home. Tim Burge founded Castlelights to provide the area with the highest quality outdoor lighting available.

“Sometime during the mid-eighties, I visited the West Coast and discovered professional landscape lighting for the first time,” Tim said. “I brought this idea back to North Carolina and began experimenting with focused lighting on my own home. My neighbors were fascinated with my new lighting and soon began asking if I would help them light their homes in the same way. This is where it all began.”

In 2003, Castlelights came to be and since then Tim has been dedicating himself to designing and installing the best outdoor lighting available in the Triad. He said that what sets Castlelights apart from competitors is their focus on lighting and nothing else. “Most landscaping contractors offer lighting to enhance their landscape/hardscape designs, however their primary focus is just that – landscaping,” Tim said. “Castlelights’ specialty is outdoor lighting and only outdoor lighting so we are able to keep our focus on new trends in lighting.”

As with most new ventures, Tim said customers who are new to the world of outdoor lighting will start by doing online research, which can be confusing and deceptive due to the wide range of fixture quality and durability on the market. “The short cut to starting your lighting project is to call Castlelights,” Tim said. “We educate our customer so they can make an informed decision about outdoor lighting.”

Castlelights aims to make the outdoor lighting design process as easy and effortless as possible for its customers. “Castlelights designs outdoor lighting systems tailored to your needs and budget,” Tim said. “Everything is turnkey. Each system we offer includes our best design, high quality professional grade components, and proven installation techniques. We even include smart timers that will turn lights on at dusk each day and will turn them off at a time that you indicate.”

CastleLights - Nighttime PhotosCastlelights can even design and install in a way that allows you to stretch the process to fit your budget and schedule. “Should you have a large project or a long term goal, our lighting can be accomplished in separate phases when the time is right for you,” Tim said.

Updating and repairing existing lighting is another area of expertise for Castlelights. Tim says that many older systems can easily be refreshed and upgraded by switching over to LED lights.

“Many times an LED upgrade is the best answer. While we are accomplishing an upgrade, we will often relocate fixtures to create the optimal effect. The most common problem is overgrown shrubbery that blocks the lighting.” Tim said that old lighting and overgrown shrubbery could even pose a safety risk to your home. “The most serious problem homeowners should recognize is landscaping material covering halogen style lights,” Tim said. “Halogen lights get hot and when they are covered over, they get very hot and have been known to cause fires. With LEDs this is not a problem.”

LED lights also make your outdoor lighting more affordable, which is a breath of fresh air with energy costs rising each month. “In the past, a system of 15 halogen lights might use 525 watts with an estimated bulb life of 4,000 hours,” Tim said. “The same system using LEDs would only use 75 watts with an estimated bulb life of 20,000 hours or more.”

As a customer of Castlelights, Tim says that he can assure you will be given a personalized experience with guaranteed quality. “As the owner of the company, I am directly involved with the design and the installation process which allows Castlelights to offer a personal experience to each customer,” Tim said. “We approach each project as artists first, then we apply our technical knowledge to execute the design.”