ClaroLux® Supporting The Local Community

Field-Trip-2-for-1-When Brian Groat and Brandon Helms, owners of ClaroLux Landscape Lighting, heard that The Greensboro Children’s Museum was creating a new garden area, they jumped at the opportunity to help in any way that they could.  Helping local businesses and organizations likeThe Greensboro Children’s Museum was a great way for them to help give back to the community.  They were both inspired by the expansion and donated all of the landscape lighting supplies.

All of the landscape lighting fixtures that were donated included Brilliance LEDs to help their lighting system be as energy efficient as possible.  Not only will Brilliance LEDs help to save on their power bills each month but they will also help prevent any continued maintenance bills down the road that are usually seen in older halogen based systems. With this generous donation, The Greensboro Children’s Museum can now be just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

Below is a special thank you letter from Leigh at The Greensboro Children’s Museum.  This is what giving back is all about!!!


Dear ClaroLux,

The guys at Oak Ridge Electric have been very hard at work in the garden installing the lights that you donated and it is just FANTASTIC!!  OMG…we can’t wait to see them at night!!  I hope that you guys are planning to come to the Gala Saturday night (yikes…it really is this Saturday!).  I want you to be able to hear all of the “oooo’s and ahh’s” first hand!  Also, our Board members are dying to meet you and thank you!!!  Please bring your spouses and any other folks you would like to invite from your business.  If you can shoot me an email with the names, that would be great.  We don’t have “physical” tickets.  We use a “will call” system, so all you need to do is check-in when you arrive.  The event is this Saturday from 7 to 11 pm.

Also, we want to recognize you in the event booklet and have a brief statement about the efficiency of the lighting.  That’s what our Edible Schoolyardis all about – sustainable living!   We have all been saying this is “Christmas in May” for us.  We just can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leigh Satalino – Development Director