Are you looking to set your business apart from your competition?  If so, you are at the right place…ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting is your top choice!  At ClaroLux® we believe in providing simple, durable, and innovative lighting tools that give you unprecedented flexibility and control. Our outdoor lighting fixtures are proudly manufactured in Greensboro, NC, USA and are the highest quality luminaires for any budget.  ClaroLux’s® LED Lighting Systems satisfy your needs for durable, top-notch quality fixtures that are designed specifically for the installer.  ClaroLux® was founded on the principle of providing quality outdoor lighting products that were designed with the installer in mind.  This success depends on our high-end, American made landscape lighting fixtures that are easy-to-install, reliable, durable, and serviceable - and that perform optimally year-after-year.



The ClaroLux® Difference

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality professional low voltage landscape lighting products.  ClaroLux® draws on our founders 30+ years of experience as outdoor lighting contractors to develop installer friendly components designed to make your job easier.  At ClaroLux® we are committed to using the best materials and to providing incredible dealer support so that you can focus on your customers.

ClaroLux Dealer Advantages

  • Products Designed from a Contractor Perspective
  • Products Designed and Manufactured in Greensboro, NC USA
  • High-End, Quality Products Equals Satisfied Clients
  • Factory Direct Pricing to Dealers Equals Increased Profit for our Dealers
  • Dealer Focus - ClaroLux Does Not Sell or Advertise to Homeowners
  • Same Day Shipping on Most Orders
  • Lighting System Design Consulting & Sales Support
  • ClaroBucks Reward Program – The More You Buy with ClaroLux the More You Earn!
  • Brilliance LEDs – Leader In The Low Voltage Industry
  • Photometric & Specification Sheets Available For Every Luminaire
  • Great Customer Service
  • Online Ordering Available 24/7


Superior Materials

ClaroLux® uses only the best materials available to withstand rust and corrosion. We categorically reject the use of mediocre materials. At ClaroLux we use only handpicked, premium, USA-grade raw materials like A6110 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, C110 Copper and C260/C360 Brass bar stock.  ClaroLux® benchmarks industry best practices for our manufacturing standards and employs the highest-quality hardware, accessories and premium components available for the landscape lighting industry. All of our landscape lighting fixtures are built to last and can withstand the various elements associated with outdoor landscapes. Remember, it is not only how beautiful the finish is on the outside, but also what is underneath the beautiful exterior of the fixture that counts. At ClaroLux®, lighting products are viewed as a permanent addition to a home or business and designed to last many years to come!


ClaroLux Teams Up With Only The Best In The Industry

ClaroLux® focuses on what we do best…manufacture, high-end, American made, top quality, outdoor landscape lighting fixtures.  We believe that it is never good to be a jack-of-all-trades.  By focusing 100% of our efforts on manufacturing our quality lighting fixtures, we rely on other manufactures for our LEDs, transformers, wire, etc.  By teaming up with companies like Brilliance LED, the leading direct replacement LED company in the country, we can ensure that everyone on our team is doing their part to ensure that ClaroLux® systems are truly the best on the market.   



BL23-III Installation InstructionsOnce you become one of ClaroLux's® Authorized Dealers you will have access to ClaroLux's® full line of fixtures and any literature that you will need to help you with your landscape lighting plans. ClaroLux® offers everything from specification sheets to installation sheets. We create an easy online platform that allows you to easily download anything that you will need for your outdoor lighting design plan.  

To learn more about what ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems® has to offer please click here to register to become an Authorized Dealer.





  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ideal For Coastal Environments
  • Naturally Patinas Over Time To Help Blend Into It’s Surrounding Environment
  • Finish Will Never Peal, Fade, Or Chip




  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Beautiful, Uniform, Dark Brown Antique Brass Finish Right Out Of The Box
  • Finish Will Never Change…What You See Is What You Get For Many Years To Come




  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Bronze Powder Coated Finish Helps The Fixture To Blend Into It’s Surrounding Environment
  • More Economically Priced

Frequently Asked Questions

Brilliance LED lamps consume up to 90% less power than incandescent and halogen light bulbs. This translates into substantial savings on your utility bill.

ClaroLux® is committed to using the best materials and providing incredible dealer support so that you can focus on what you do best.  Dealers always come first at ClaroLux®.  Come join ClaroLux's® team today to see how you can set yourself apart from your competition.  

ClaroLux® is different than most of the other landscape lighting manufacturers out there.  They raised the bar in 2011 and decided to start manufacturing as many products as they could in the USA. ClaroLux® wanted to do everything they could to help support our local economy.  They value our country and want to do everything they can to support it.