ClaroLux® Is Only Available Through An Authorized Dealer

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a ClaroLux® Dealer

1.  Pre-Qualified Professionals: All ClaroLux® Dealers are prequalified by our sales and training staff.  You are hiring one of the top contractors in the landscape lighting industry that will design, install, and service your outdoor lighting system to the highest standards and code. 

2.  ClaroLux® Quality:  Our Luminaires are proudly made in Greensboro, NC using the highest quality domestically sourced non-ferrous raw materials. We utilize precision CNC machinery and advanced manufacturing techniques to hold part tolerances within aerospace industry standards.

3.  Adjustability: ClaroLux® landscape lighting systems are designed by our Dealers to provide nighttime beauty, safety, and security. Almost all our fixtures are designed with adjustable blinder shields, lenses, or louvers to reduce glare. ClaroLux® luminaires also have adjustable color temperatures, beam angles, and light output intensity options that are replaceable and adjustable on site.  This will allow our ClaroLux® Dealer to adjust the luminaires to nearly eliminate glare and create a serene outdoor living environment customizable to suit Your Perfect Ambiance.  

4.  Value: Our products are sold to your Local Dealer TRULY FACTORY DIRECT from our factory in Greensboro, NC enabling them to offer you the highest quality, American Made, landscape lighting fixtures, at competitive prices to inferior products others may offer.  

5.  Lifetime Warranty: ClaroLux® brass and copper landscape lighting fixtures carry a Lifetime Structural Warranty.  If it fails, ClaroLux® will fix it or replace it.  It's that simple.  




Lifetime Structural Warranty

ClaroLux® offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty on Copper and Brass Series fixtures. Whether you live in the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Tennessee, or the North Carolina coast, ClaroLux's® copper and brass fixtures will withstand the elements. Our copper fixtures have a live finish and will naturally patina over time.  Our brass line is pre-stained and protected with our matte clear polyurethane powder coating process to protect the finish for many years to come.  If the structural integrity of the fixture fails, ClaroLux® will fix it or replace it.  It’s that simple.  


Superior Materials

ClaroLux® uses only the purest non-ferrous metals available to withstand rust and corrosion. At ClaroLux®, we use premium, USA-grade domestically sourced raw materials like C110 Copper and C360 Brass bar stock. Our landscape lighting fixtures are built to last and can withstand the harshest elements associated with outdoor landscapes. ClaroLux® landscape lighting fixtures will not only maintain a beautiful exterior finish, but the integrity of the interior components will be maintained through silicone o-rings, UV adhesives, and potting materials to seal the fixture from the harshest outdoor elements. ClaroLux® lighting products are a permanent addition to your home!



At ClaroLux®, we set the standard in landscape lighting by creating innovative outdoor lighting products that are revolutionizing the low voltage lighting industry. From our patented SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light, directional spot lights, and area lights, ClaroLux® designs and manufacturers unique proprietary luminaires that solve specific landscape lighting challenges. We are dedicated to manufacturing high quality outdoor light fixtures and accessories including deck lighting, path lighting, area lighting, wash lighting, underwater lighting, and specialty lighting including BBQ grill lighting. We pride ourselves on being innovative, passionate, and dedicated to all our dealers.  Every member of our ClaroLux® Team listens and values the feedback that we receive and are committed to ensuring that our products exceed your expectations in every way.


Made in the USA

ClaroLux® is TRULY FACTORY DIRECT and actually Made in the USA. Unlike other suppliers that claim to be "manufacturers" who import components from foreign suppliers and assemble goods in a warehouse, ClaroLux® is manufactured from raw materials in Greensboro, NC. We insist on controlling every step of the manufacturing process to ensure impeccable quality. This is why we choose to design, prototype, finish, and assemble all of our products at our factory in Greensboro, NC.


ClaroLux® Industry Partners

At ClaroLux®, we specialize in manufacturing, premium quality, American made, outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. By focusing our efforts on manufacturing luminaires, and relying on others to manufacture our LED Lamps, Transformers, Wire, etc, we ensure that ClaroLux® Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems are the best on the market. 


ClaroLux® Dealer Advantage

ClaroLux® Dealers are the best in the industry and pride themselves on creating lighting system designs that highlight the beauty of your home and landscape. Hiring a ClaroLux® Dealer ensures your outdoor lighting system will be installed to the the highest industry standard and code. By working with one of ClaroLux’s® Authorized Dealers you will recieve the best landscape lighting system on the market.  

Award winning partners and quality ClaroLux® products, is a combination that creates systems that last a lifetime.



Brass, Copper, and Aluminum Luminaires


  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Ideal For Coastal Environments
  • Naturally Patinas Over Time 
  • Finish Will Never Peal, Fade, Or Chip


  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Beautiful, Uniform, Dark Brown Antique Brass Finish with Gold Highlights
  • Finish Will Not Change…What You See Is What You Get For Many Years To Come


  • 5 Year Structural Warranty
  • Bronze Powder Coated Finish Helps The Fixture To Blend Into It’s Surrounding Environment
  • For Those on a Limited Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase ClaroLux® products through our authorized Dealers.  ClaroLux® Dealers are some of the best landscape lighting contactors in the country.  By purchasing your lighting system from a ClaroLux® Dealer you are receiving exceptional customer service and a lighting system that will last you a lifetime.  

Many homeowners are under the impression that all LEDs have a blue tint like the LEDs you buy from your local home improvement stores.  This is not the case at all.  ClaroLux® offers Brilliance LEDs which will give your house a nice, warm glow.

There are many factors when trying to figure your costs for installing a landscape lighting system.  Some of those factors include… 

  • New System vs. Existing System/Retro-fit
  • LED Lighting System vs. Halogen Lighting System
  • Lengths of 12V Wire Runs
  • Commercial Lighting System vs. Residential Lighting System
  • Material of Landscape Lighting Fixtures: Aluminum, Brass or Copper
  • Standard Timing System vs. Smart Home Integration
  • Location of Fixtures (i.e. Moon Lighting vs. Up-Lighting)
  • Soil Type or Obstacles For Running Low Voltage Wire

A general rule of thumb for a “preliminary estimate” of your outdoor lighting system is to allow about $275-$375 per fixture to cover product and installation. Please keep in mind, that some specialty landscape lighting applications will run you more.  Some specialty fixtures with installation can reach upwards of $750. A lot of this depends on the difficulty of your installation and the products chosen for your outdoor lighting project. For more information on obtaining a quote to install your landscape lighting system, please contact one of our authorized ClaroLux® Dealers.