Are you in the market for a landscape lighting system that is going to last you a lifetime?  If so, you are at the right place… ClaroLux® is your top choice! At ClaroLux®, our outdoor lighting fixtures are proudly made in Greensboro, NC, USA and are the highest quality luminaires for any budget. ClaroLux’s® LED Lighting Systems satisfy your need for nighttime beauty, safety, and security. Our American made, high-end, outdoor lighting fixtures deliver light where it's needed giving every illuminated feature the perfect amount of light. Many of the top lighting professionals in America choose ClaroLux® due to our three high quality fixture lines that vary in features, finish, and price.  Our authorized outdoor lighting Dealers never compromise and neither should you. Choose only the best… ClaroLux Landscape Lighting®.



Limited Lifetime Warranty

We have set the bar with our limited lifetime warranty on our copper and brass series fixtures, protecting homeowners against corrosion of the fixtures in challenging outdoor environments.  If you live on or near the coast, ClaroLux's® copper and brass fixtures are the best solution for your outdoor lighting system.  Our copper fixtures have a live finish and will naturally patina over time.  Our brass line is pre-stained and protected with our 3M powder coating process to protect your finish for many years to come. The decision on what to use simply comes down to personal preference and what finish best suits your needs.  

Superior Materials

ClaroLux® uses only the best materials available to withstand rust and corrosion. We categorically reject the use of mediocre materials. At ClaroLux®, we use only handpicked, premium, USA-grade raw materials like A6110 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, C110 Copper and C260/C360 Brass bar stock.  ClaroLux® benchmarks industry best practices for our manufacturing standards and employs the highest-quality hardware, accessories and premium components available for the landscape lighting industry.  All of our landscape lighting fixtures are built to last and can withstand the various elements associated with outdoor landscapes. Remember, it is not only how beautiful the finish is on the outside, but also what is underneath the beautiful surface of the fixture that counts. At ClaroLux®, lighting products are viewed as a permanent addition to your home!


At ClaroLux®, the goal is to set the standard in the landscape lighting industry. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new and innovative outdoor lighting products that will revolutionize the low voltage lighting industry. From our patented CL-SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light to our latest path, bullet, and tree lights; ClaroLux® has set many firsts in the industry. We pride ourselves on being innovative, passionate, and dedicated to all of our dealers and customers.  Every member of our ClaroLux® team listens and values the feedback that we receive and are committed to ensuring that our products exceed your expectations in every way.

Made in the USA

Most companies in the landscape lighting industry source their products from China.  ClaroLux® is one of the few landscape lighting manufacturers in the United States that manufactures 90+% of our products in the USA. By having our manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA, we are able to personally design each fixture and to carefully control all elements in the manufacturing process, ensuring each product meets the highest quality standards that you expect!

ClaroLux Teams up with Only the Best in the Industry

ClaroLux® focuses on what we do best… manufacturing high-end, American-made, top quality, outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. We believe that it is never good to be a jack-of-all-trades. By focusing 100% of our efforts on manufacturing our quality lighting fixtures, we rely on other manufacturers for our LEDs, transformers, wire, etc.  By teaming up with companies like Brilliance LED, the leading direct replacement LED company in the country, we can ensure that everyone on our team is doing their part to ensure that our systems are truly the best on the market.    

ClaroLux® Dealers are the best in the industry and pride themselves on creating lighting system designs that highlight the beauty of your home and landscape. Teaming with ClaroLux® authorized lighting professionals helps ensure that your outdoor lighting system has been installed exactly the way it was intended to be. By working with one of ClaroLux’s® Authorized Dealers you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best landscape lighting system on the market.  

Award winning partners and quality ClaroLux® products, a combination that creates systems that last a lifetime.




Lifetime warranty
• Ideal for coastal environments    
• Naturally patinas over time to help blend into its surrounding environment
• Finish will never peel, fade, or chip.


Lifetime warranty
• Beautiful, uniform,dark brown antique brass finish right out of the box
• Finish will never change… what you see is what you get for many years to come.


• 5-year warranty
• Bronze powder-coated finish helps the fixture to blend into its surrounding environment
• More economically priced

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase ClaroLux® products through their authorized Dealers.  ClaroLux's® Dealers are some of the best landscape lighting contactors in the country.  When you purchase your lighting system from a ClaroLux® Dealer you can rest assured that you will not only be receiving exceptional customer service but a lighting system that will last you lifetime.  

Many homeowners are under the impression that all LEDs have a blue tint like the LEDs you buy from your local home improvement stores.  This is not the case at all.  ClaroLux® offers Brilliance LEDs which will give your house a nice, warm glow.

There are many factors when trying to figure your costs for installing a landscape lighting system.  Some of those factors include… 

  • New System vs. Existing System/Retro-fit
  • LED Lighting System vs. Halogen Lighting System
  • Lengths of 12V Wire Runs
  • Commercial Lighting System vs. Residential Lighting System
  • Material of Landscape Lighting Fixtures: Aluminum, Brass or Copper
  • Standard Timing System vs. Smart Home Integration
  • Location of Fixtures (i.e. Moon Lighting vs. Up-Lighting)
  • Soil Type or Obstacles For Running Low Voltage Wire

A general rule of thumb for a “preliminary estimate” of your outdoor lighting system is to allow about $275-$375 per fixture to cover product and installation. Please keep in mind, that some specialty landscape lighting applications will run you more.  Some specialty fixtures with installation can reach upwards of $750. A lot of this depends on the difficulty of your installation and the products chosen for your outdoor lighting project. For more information on obtaining a quote to install your landscape lighting system, please contact one of our authorized ClaroLux® Dealers.