Design Gallery

Design the Landscape of your Dreams with a ClaroLux® Outdoor Lighting System.

At ClaroLux®, we believe that your property is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with beautiful light. Each and every feature of your landscape that you enjoy during the day should be enjoyed just as much, if not more, at night. What you will find is that many things, when tastefully illuminated, look better after the sun goes down than they did during the day. When illuminating your landscape, think of your property as a landscape lighting portrait. Every light should have a specific purpose and role in producing your perfect environment.

Please view ClaroLux's® Design Gallery below. These pictures will help paint a picture of the effects that can be achieved when ClaroLux's® lighting systems are implemented into different landscape applications.  

ClaroLux's® Lighting & Design Award winners are judged against projects submitted from ClaroLux® lighting contractors throughout North & South America. Winning entries are determined based on various criteria including design creativity and techniques, project implementation, technical specifications, and overall continuity. Winning entries are announced at the end of each year.

View Entries of ClaroLux’s® Lighting & Design Award Below:

  • Architectural Lighting - Residential
  • Architectural Lighting - Commercial
  • Outdoor Living/Garden Area - Residential/Commercial