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ClaroLux LED Products Entering the World of Art

ClaroLux’s Design and Manufacturing Department was recently contacted by The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland to help them with their efforts to convert their lighting system in their facility over to LED.  The Walters Art Museum was illuminating most of their artwork with high wattage 12V PAR36 halogen lamps.  Not only were the halogen PAR36 lamps very inefficient but they were also producing quite a bit of heat that had to be countered by their central HVAC system.  This in turn was costing the museum a lot of money on a yearly basis.

ClaroLux LED lighting used in an art museum

ClaroLux helped to design an indoor PAR36 to MR16 LED adapter for their current lighting system that would help to eliminate some of these expensive factors above.  This was all done while keeping their artwork illuminated to within their specifications. The indoor LED PAR36 – MR16 Adapter has helped ClaroLux enter into a new realm of business in the Art World showing that their abilities/products are not just limited in the outdoor landscape lighting industry.

If you are ever in the Baltimore area please take some time to stop in and see some of their beautiful artwork.  The Walters Art Museum is truely an amazing place.

To learn more about The Walters Art Museum please visit  www.thewalters.org.