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ClaroLux’s Patented SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light

ClaroLux specialty wash lightClaroLux’s CL-SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light is a great way to illuminate driveways and pathways where traditional path lights cannot be used for fear they would be knocked over.  The patented CL-SWL1-III is constructed from solid cast brass.  This enables the CL-SWL1-III to be placed where most conventional area lights cannot.  If you are in search of a low profile path/area light that is discrete yet gives you a nice light output then this is the light for you.

When ClaroLux designed the SWL1-III, it wanted to make a light that was not only functional but very versatile.  This fixture has many different options and features which makes it one of ClaroLux’s best selling fixtures because it can be used in  many different settings.

SWL1-III specialty wash lightThe SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light can not only be used to illuminate ground areas but can also be surface mounted on docks, decks, rock walls, etc.  Simply remove the ground stake from the fixture and the light becomes a great wall washer.  The fixture is also completely water tight so there is no need to worry about water entering the fixture and ruining your LEDs or other internal components.

This is just one more “first” that ClaroLux has brought to the landscape lighting industry.  ClaroLux is setting the standard and helping our customers to create lasting outdoor lighting masterpieces.  Call today to see how ClaroLux can help to transform your business.


Patented design specialty wash lightFeatures of the SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light:

  • Equipped with a slight overhang which prevents light glare.
  • Can be mounted on the ground or surface mounted to a deck, dock, or wall structure.
  • Bi-Pin Socket which can accept any size G4 LED Bi-Pin
  • Built-in light aluminum reflector shield to help direct light
  • Manufactured with a frosted glass lens which helps to give you that nice, soft, even light output.
  • Sealed, water tight enclosure
  • Solid Cast Brass Construction
  • Antique Oil Rubbed Brass Finish
  • 25ft 18AWG Wire Lead
  • Lifetime Warranty

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