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Saying Good-bye to the “Dinosaurs”: 900w and 1200w transformers

1200w transformersLow voltage transformers are the heart of every landscape lighting system.  Their job is fairly simple; to convert 120 volts (high voltage) to the voltage required to power a 12-volt lighting system.  Well, in theory it seems just that easy but there is a lot of engineering that goes into the construction of these power supplies.

Up until this year, ClaroLux produced transformers that ranged in capacity from 300 watts, 900w to 1200w; and that ranged in output from 12 volts to 22 volts.  Over the past ten years, ClaroLux engineers have modified the components and design of these transformers – to improve their functionality and reliability.  The larger transformers (900 watts and above) presented the greatest engineering challenges. These transformers carried such a high current load that it stressed the unit’s electronic components.  Additional stresses were applied due to the occasional presence of “inrush current” – a powerful surge that floods the unit upon start-up.  After testing many different thermistors and contactor switches ClaroLux felt it was best to eliminate these ancient “dinosaurs”.

With LEDs becoming the future in the landscape lighting industry ClaroLux decided it was best to start focusing on a more compact transformer that could drive the LEDs.  This led to the development of our small, compact 12V – 75w, 150w and 300w low voltage LED transformers.  ClaroLux has once again set the industry standard developing the first and only LED transformer on the market today.