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What’s New At ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

ClaroLux® is starting the year out with a couple new great landscape lighting fixture accessories. Check out what is new below…

WL16-Brass Ring:

WL16 Brass Ring shown with ClaroLux’s® WL16-RS-III

ClaroLux’s® New WL16 Brass Rings are manufactured from solid brass and stained to match all of ClaroLux’s® antique brass WL16 landscape lighting luminaires. The 7.4″ brass rings are available for the WL16-RS-III and the WL16-FT-III ClaroLux® In-Ground MR16 Well Light fixtures. The grass rings are great for applications such as needing to place the WL16 well light fixtures in bermuda grass or areas where the WL16 needs to be protected from being covered up.  The WL16 Ring gives ClaroLux’s® WL16 Well Lights a custom finished look that help the fixtures blend seamlessly into hardscaped areas.  All of ClaroLux’s® Brass Well Light Grass Rings are manufactured with pride in ClaroLux’s® manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.


Stainless Steel Gutter Mount – Great For Areas That Get Snow:

ClaroLux’s® GM100 now comes in Stainless Steel.

ClaroLux’s® Patented Adjustable Gutter Mounts are made out of US aluminum 6061 and 304 stainless steel.  The adjustable gutter mounts in aluminum are offered in either white or bronze powder coat.  The stainless steel GM100’s are made for Northern climates where snow drifts can place pressure on the gutter mounts. The material for the stainless steel mounts are twice as thick as the aluminum gutter mounts therefore they can withstand a lot more pressure. The 1/2″-14 NPSM female threads enable the GM100’s to attach to any ClaroLux® fixture or riser pole. ClaroLux’s® gutter mounts are truely revolutionary.  The universal mounting plate can be easily attached to the gutter mount plate and requires no tools for adjusting the fixture.   If you want to illuminate a roof line or the peak of a house simply attach ClaroLux’s® patented gutter mount to the fascia board or gutter then position the fixture where you want it.  It is the #1 choice among landscape lighting professionals.  The gutter mount plate includes two mini thumb screws so you can hold the position angle of the fixture. The universal mounting plate has 360˚ of adjustment.  All of ClaroLux’s® patented gutter mounts are made with pride in ClaroLux’s® manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.


AL26 & WFL26 Glare Shield:

ClaroLux’s® New AL26 & WFL26 Light Glare Shields.

ClaroLux’s® Glare Shields are manufactured out of solid brass and copper to match ClaroLux’s® AL26 and WFL26 landscape lighting fixtures. The adjustable, stainless steel, alan head screw on the glare shield enables the accessory to be attached to either the AL26 or WFL26 luminaire. The glare shield is fully adjustable so any angle can be achieved to prevent light glare. Each glare shield comes with ClaroLux’s Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.


Fox 8 News – Made In NC – ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

Fox 8 News - Made In NC Clarolux Landscape Lighting

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One of the most popular upgrades for people to add to their homes is landscape lighting, and one brand that′s getting a lot of attention is Greensboro-based ClaroLux Landscape Lighting.

“My dad one time said, ′son, I don′t really understand what you do,′” said Brian Groat of ClaroLux. “We installed lights on his house and he called me a few days later and said, ′oh I get it, it′s so much nicer to come home to a house that′s well lit.′”

This is not the type of lighting you′ll find at home improvement stores — this is professional grade — with low voltage, energy efficient LEDs. Instead of using cast metal, they machine their parts from solid bar stock lights that are designed and built to last a lifetime.

ClaroLux imported their lights for about ten years, then decided to make a change. They set up a new factory in Greensboro, bought sophisticated computer controlled machining equipment, and hired enough employees to start production.

“it just makes you feel better knowing that you′re keeping money in our country,” Groat said. “I can say that based on experience, because it wasn′t very long ago that we were wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to China to import our product. Now all that money stays right here”.

To learn more about ClaroLux click here.

ClaroLux Offers A Wide Variety Of Specialty LED Moon Lights

Down lights or moon lights can be used to illuminate many different applications in a landscape or hardscape project.  ClaroLux has developed several LED landscape lighting fixtures that are ideal for moon lighting driveways, arbors, yard areas, play sets, putting greens, and other outdoor living areas.  Whatever application you are trying to moon light, ClaroLux has the perfect luminaire for your outdoor lighting project.

TL16 Moon Light:

ClaroLux's TL16-III Moon Lighting A Pool & Its Surroundings
ClaroLux’s TL16-III Moon Lighting A Pool & Its Surroundings In Austin, TX.

Add a touch of light to your outdoor living spaces with ClaroLux’s® TL16 LED MR16 Down Light. The Lattimore Down Light is proudly Made in the USA from high quality solid brass bar stock and pipe. The CL-TL16 Moon Light is designed with an adjustable 3.2″ extension shroud that minimizes glare and provides a soft down lighting effect for your outdoor living areas.  The Lattimore also can be used with ClaroLux’s® 7″ extension visor if the standard 3.2″ visor is not long enough to prevent light glare.  It is great for down lighting walkways other areas where other ground light fixtures are not suitable.  The TL16 comes with a side mount hinged design for easy adjustment that can be locked into place with the two alan head screws on either side of the fixture.  The one screw mount also makes installation a breeze on smaller surfaces.  The TL16 accepts any Brilliance direct replacement MR16 LED which hosts a variety of lamp options. The ClaroLux® Lattimore Down Light is handcrafted and built to withstand the test of time all while looking beautiful. By fabricating the moon light fixture from solid brass, ClaroLux® has created a long-lasting product that develops an attractive appearance naturally over time.

TL24 Tree Light:

ClaroLux's TL24-II Down Lighting A Texas Estates Putting Green.
ClaroLux’s TL24-II Down Lighting A Houston, Texas Estate’s Putting Green.

The TL24 tree light is ClaroLux’s premium down light. Both the Venice II Copper Tree Light and the Terni Antique Brass Tree Light are proudly Made in the USA from high quality, polished brass and copper. The CL-TL24 Tree Light is designed with a 7″ adjustable extenstion shroud that minimizes glare and provides a soft moonlighting effect for your outdoor areas. It is great for moonlighting driveways, walkways, and other areas where other ground light fixtures are not suitable.  The TL24 is 100% water tight and designed to be aimed down.  The TL24 surface mount is ideal for mounted to large trees and comes standard with 3 stainless steel anchor bolts to prevent the tree from growing into the fixture.  The Venice II and Terni both are available with Brilliance direct replacement MR16 LEDs which hosts a variety of lamp options. The TL24 Tree Light are both handcrafted and built to withstand the test of time all while looking beautiful. By fabricating these fixtures from solid brass and copper, ClaroLux® has created a long-lasting product that develops an attractive appearance naturally over time.

PAR36 Down Light:

ClaroLux’s FL36-III Illuminating A Sports Complex In Phoenix, AZ.

ClaroLux’s FL36 brass LED directional light is the perfect luminaire for illuminating large areas where ClaroLux’s TL16 and TL24 cannot.  The FL36-III was designed not only as an up-light but also a down-light.  The Lawndale is available with a removable shroud which secures the PAR36 LED and makes for an easy and fast installation. The FL36 fixture is often used on commercial spaces or recreational sport fields.  It is compatiable with all of the Brilliance PAR36 LEDs. Brilliance LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours with minimal lumen degradation. Brilliance LED’s also come in a wide variety of wattages and beam spreads.  The FL36 PAR36 brass directional is assembled with US and foreign components; all staining and assembly for the Lawndale takes place in ClaroLux’s manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.  The FL36 – Lawndale comes with ClaroLux’s exclusive lifetime warranty.

Why ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Supplier Ranks High Among Landscape Lighters

If you are looking for high quality, Made in the USA, ClaroLux landscape lighting products that last a lifetime, then look no further…ClaroLux® is your number one landscape lighting supplier for all of your outdoor lighting needs.

ClaroLux Landscape Lighting® provides a comprehensive line of high-quality lighting fixtures, transformers, LEDs and outdoor lighting components that are manufactured in Greensboro, NC, USA.  Every ClaroLux® Dealer is setup to grow their business and succeed as a ClaroLux® Dealer.  By providing timely delivery of affordable, quality, innovative products along with award winning customer service, education, and sales support every ClaroLux® landscape lighting dealer will be able to take their business to the next level.

All ClaroLux’s® Dealer prices are confidential and are never sold anywhere else online like Amazon, Ebay, or other online stores.   ClaroLux® does everything that they can to protect their dealers and to ensure their success.

At ClaroLux® our Dealers can order directly online 24/7 and their orders are shipped directly to their doorstep.  No longer do they have to drive around from supply house to supply house trying to prepare for an upcoming project.  ClaroLux® offers their Dealers a one stop online shopping experience that is easy and fast, all from the convenience of their home or business.  The online Dealer store allows ClaroLux’s® Dealers to create estimates, see past purchases, download fixture specification sheets, and much much more.  Register today at ClaroLux Landscape Lighting® and see how ClaroLux® can help to grow your landscape lighting business and improve your bottom line.

The Age Of Copycats & Cheap Chinese Imports in Landscape Lighting

In the day and age of “Made in China”, it seems that very few people in the manufacturing world of the landscape lighting industry have the ability to think and create on their own. With the ease of hopping on the Internet and contacting manufacturers in China, many are entering the landscape lighting business and calling themselves “manufacturers”. “Manufacturer” in the landscape lighting industry is a loosely used term. There are a dozen or more companies in our industry who offer the same products from China. Each and every one of them call themselves “manufacturers”, yet all they merely are is a distributor of Chinese imports.

Today, you can find similar products at Sterling Lighting, Dauer – FUSA Corp Lighting, ABR Lighting, Nite Time Decor, Alliance Lighting, Volt – Landscape Lighting World, Unique Lighting Systems, Universal Lighting Systems, etc. Many have been involved in lawsuits with one another over infringements, etc. which rarely hold up in court since the Chinese are the ones who designed, patented and manufactured their products. It is amazing to see the lack of variety in the designs across the industry.

ClaroLux® is one of the few manufacturers in the landscape lighting industry who designs, builds and manufactures right here in the USA. Their facility is located in Greensboro, NC where they manufacture and assemble almost all of their landscape lighting products.  If it can be built here, they are bringing it back home to the USA! 90% of their products are produced here and that number is growing everyday. Creating jobs, making a better product and keeping their products protected is very important at ClaroLux®.

ClaroLux® first started in the landscape lighting industry just as many of the other companies did above, in China, but quickly realized that the Chinese did not have their best interest at heart. Many of the Chinese manufactures will sell your designs and products to any and everyone without blinking an eye.  Not only that, they are always cutting corners to save a penny where they can.  This is what you are seeing today in the landscape lighting industry, a large influx of inexpensive, copycat, Chinese products. From wash lights to path lights you can find many of the same products through half of the “manufacturers” in the country. There is very little difference in the design and function.

Well ClaroLux® wants to challenge all of those in our industry to try and do what is best for our country and our industry. Think outside of the box and try to design, build and create something here in the USA without simply buying something off the Internet from a country who could care less about our homeland. Create jobs, build-up local suppliers around you; every dollar that goes back into our economy creates more American jobs. The next time you are purchasing a landscape lighting fixture from a manufacturer/distributor or a landscape lighting system from a professional, think about the big picture.

At ClaroLux® we love our country and we want to see it flourish; buy USA Made Goods! To see how we are making a difference please see the video that was produced by Time Warner Cable – Made In North Carolina Series.   To view the video click here – ClaroLux – Made In the Carolinas.

Designing a lighting system with the lamp in mind – Brilliance LED, LLC

Any professional lighting designer knows that one size lamp does not fit all applications.  Yet, some lighting manufacturers continue to sell their fixtures with the lamp included. We have yet to figure out how they know what will be lit.

The first step in designing a successful and aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting system is to start with the lamp, not the fixture.  Different objects deserve to be lit with the optimum wattage and beam angle to maximize the desired effect.  You wouldn’t want to light a tall narrow tree with a wide beam angle lamp where half the light is ineffective. Conversely, you wouldn’t wash a wall with a narrow spot.  Once the proper lamp has been selected, the contractor or designer can choose the best housing or fixture to support the lamp.

In an effort to be the best lighting designer possible, we encourage you to design with the desired end result in mind, hence your customers satisfaction.  Don’t settle for a “mediocre” result; go for the “WOW effect”!

Below is an example of how the same fixture and type of lamp with different beam angles/spreads can make a difference in the finished product.  Big difference!

Brilliance LED

Great examples of designing with light landscape images below courtesy of Light It Right in Houston, Texas utilizing 2700K Brilliance LED lamps in various beam angles. Photos by Gary Zvonkovic Photography. Copyright 2015

Brilliance LED Front of house

Brilliance LED landscape lighting

Coastal Environments – The Effects Of Salt Water On Landscape Lighting Systems

As we all know, the effects of salt water on landscape lighting systems and coastal environments are very hard on man-made objects.  With the recent surge in the market antique brass landscape lighting fixtures many landscape lighters are not considering the long term affects of using brass instead of copper.  Antique brass fixtures are great because they offer a beautiful patina look right out of the box.  So unlike copper you do not have to wait for the fixture to patina.  So from day one, you get the natural aged look.  But with most brass fixtures on the market you tend to lose that beautiful aged look within a few weeks of being outside near the coast.

There are many variables that can help you to choose what metal is best for you…the first and most important variable is the environment that you live.  Over time a landscape lighting system is only as good as the materials that they are constructed of.  If you live within three miles of a brackish or saltwater environment then you know what happens to outdoor products of any kind.  Outdoor lighting fixtures take a beating when installed in these areas, that is why it is important to find the right light fixtures for the right areas. Even if you don’t live near the coast using landscape lighting fixtures made from materials that will last is paramount.

At ClaroLux®, we offer several different types of materials for every budget and environment.  If you live near the coast then we have two products that we recommend that you can choose from – copper and brass.

Solid Brass Lighting Fixtures – If you are looking to use primarily brass and you are located near the coast then you will need to understand that the brass look that you purchased will not always look like it did when it was first installed.  Cast brass outdoor light fixtures are designed to stand up well to salt corrosive environments but the brass material will patina with age.  Most raw brass or bronze fixtures must be rinsed to control the salt build-up.

Solid brass outdoor fixtures can come in different finishes like bronze and brushed nickel made by creating a chemical reaction.  ClaroLux’s® brass line has a limited lifetime warranty and is designed specifically for coastal environments.  Their brass fixtures also come with ClaroLux’s® patented protectant sealant that helps to preserve the finish and material for many years to come.

Effects Of Salt Water On Landscape Lighting SystemsThe fixture shown here was manufactured by one of the top landscape lighting companies in the country. This particular fixture does not come with a protectant sealant to preserve the antique brass finish.  The photo was taken by one of ClaroLux’s® Dealers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after two months of being installed. The photo shows how salt water environments can destroy the finish on some landscape lighting fixtures in a very short period of time. The harsh coastal climate in Puerto Vallarta is one of the reasons for this particular dealer switching to ClaroLux’s® brass line.  He loves the brass look but was having a hard time finding a lighting company that could help him with his request.  ClaroLux® delivered not only a product that could stand up to the test of time but also remained as beautiful as the first day it was installed.


Solid Copper Effects Of Salt Water On Landscape Lighting SystemsSolid Copper Lighting Fixtures – – Copper is ClaroLux’s® number one seller to their Dealers in coastal environments.  ClaroLux’s® copper landscape lighting fixtures are designed to stand up well to salt corrosive environments but will need to understand that the polished copper look will patina with age.  ClaroLux® recommends to rinse your light fixtures off periodically to control the salt build-up. Solid copper outdoor fixtures can come in different finishes like polished, brushed or stained copper.  Beware of copper plated aluminum fixtures that are advertised as copper fixtures.  ClaroLux’s® copper line has a limited lifetime warranty and is designed specifically for coastal environments.

The fixture shown here is ClaroLux’s® CL-AL1-I copper landscape lighting fixture that was installed 0.5 miles away from the coast.  The photo was taken by one of ClaroLux’s® Dealers in Charleston, South Carolina after three months of being installed.

As you can see the shinny polished copper look is now a nice brown/green patina.  Copper is one of the most durable metals that also gives you that beautiful natural patina look.  Copper lighting fixtures tend to patina better than any other affordable raw material on the market and that is why copper is ClaroLux’s® #1 choice for coastal environments.

Surge Protectors Are A Must For Your LED Landscape Lighting System

Just like our electrical appliances and computers at home that need surge protectors in case of lightning or electrical storms, so do your outdoor LED luminaires and LED landscape lighting systems.

The arrival of LEDs in the outdoor landscape lighting industry opened the door to new opportunities for highly efficient lighting solutions. LEDs have made it possible to light our homes, landscapes, and other outdoor living areas more efficiently with a much longer lifespan. It has allowed manufacturers like ClaroLux to develop and create landscape lighting products that provide high performance luminaries like never before.

Low voltage LEDs are built with sensitive electronic components that need to be protected against electrical noise sometime called electromagnetic interference (EMI). Because these low voltage landscape LED luminaires are installed outside in harsh electrical outdoor environments these sensitive electronic components MUST be protected to avoid early failure.

What are we protecting our LED luminaires from?

It is important to protect your LED landscape lighting systems from high energy electrical discharges that are transmitted to the landscape lighting luminaire itself or into the electrical grid network. The high energy electrical discharges consist of electrical noise created by other electrical devices that are connected on the same electrical network like HID ballast, or industrial equipment-like motors. A discharge can also be created by electrical flashes, lightning striking nearby electrical networks or buildings and transferring high electrical energy to the luminaires. Depending on where the luminaires are connected on the electrical distribution grid or depending on the geographical location (ie: Tampa Bay known as the lightning city) equipment might be at high risk of failure if there is no surge protector.

How do surge protectors work?

Surge protection devices, also known as SPDs, consist of well-designed assemblies of electronic components, including Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV). ClaroLux recommends connecting the SPD at the very first stage of the luminaire’s power input, the transformer.  The SPD will get the hit first and react rapidly. It detects the abnormal voltage and starts conducting current in order to capture the high energy surge. This is known as “clamping action”. It will bring the voltage back to typical normal level and redirect the high energy surge away from the sensitive components, to the SPD. Since the surge is not redirected to the ground, MOVs inside the SPD made up of a ceramic mass of zinc oxide grain packed between 2 metal plates will start digging and eliminating the surge energy. The higher the rating in energy ( Kjoules) for the SPD, the more energy it will be able to take and the longer it will last over time.

What Surge Protection Device (SPD) does ClaroLux recommend for their 12V LED landscape lighting systems?

Surge Protectors for landscapeSPDs are high energy and high peak current surge protection devices that are designed for electrical immunity in worst possible outdoor locations or scenarios.  When buying and installing outdoor LED luminaires, it is imperative that ClaroLux’s LED lighting systems be equipped with a high-quality surge protecting device.  One SPD that requires no hard wiring and is fairly inexpensive is the Tripp Lite UltraBlok Isobar Plug-In Surge Protection Device.

Isobar’s unique protection system combines large torroidal chokes, HF/VHF capacitors and multiple metal oxide varistors that remove high-level surges and EMI/RFI interference. UltraBlok offers 2 outlets arranged with standard wall socket spacing in a cordless direct plug-in format. Mounting tabs allow permanent connection via a duplex switchplate screw. Surge suppression rated at 1410 joules/48,000 amps offers high-grade protection. Diagnostic LEDs confirm power availability, line fault and protection status. Lifetime warranty with $10,000 Ultimate Lifetime connected equipment Insurance (USA & Canada Only).

Specifications of the Tripp Lite UltraBlok 428 Plug-In SPD:  

• Output capacity: 1800 watts • AC suppression: 1410 joules • Clamping voltage: 140V RMS • AC suppression response time: Less than 1 nanosecond • EMI/RFI filtering: up to 80 dB • Dimensions: 4″ H x 2-1/2″ W x 2-1/2″ D. Certifications: • UL1449 1998 Rev. (AC Suppression) • UL1283 (EMI Filter) • cUL / CSA (Canada) • Exceeds IEEE 587 category A&B specifications.

Manufacturer’s Part #: IGRM519423

Landscape Contractor Magazine Highlights One Of ClaroLux’s Featured Projects

Landscape Contractor MagazineIn this month’s Hardscapes issue of Landscape Contractor magazine one of ClaroLux’s Dealers, Southern Exposure, was featured in an article by Michelle Medaris, LC/DBM.

The article displays Southern Exposure’s beautifully crafted hardscape project in Summerfield, NC that creates a soothing, calm space, where the homeowner can retreat. Throughout the project includes a total of more than 70 ClaroLux fixtures, such as ClaroLux’s CL-BL23-III brass LED bullet lights, CL-DL4-III brass LED cap lights, CL-GL1 LED grill light, and CL-WL3 LED in-ground LED up lights all of which are linked to an automated, dimmable smart home system that can be controlled from the homeowners phone or tablet.

This project by Southern Exposure was the winner of ClaroLux’s 2013 Lighting & Design Award. It is definitely a must see!

Landscape Lighting Software Featuring ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Software just recently introduced their landscape lighting design package featuring ClaroLux Landscape Lighting fixtures. No longer will you have to wait for it to get dark to show your customer how their home or landscape will look. With Landscape Lighting Software’s design program you can now take a picture of what you are wanting to illuminate, upload it to your computer, and begin to design your landscape lighting system.  It is that easy.  To learn more about how the software works please see the YouTube video below or visit them on the web.