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ClaroLux Is Expanding Their Brass Fixtures Line

Brass fixtures landscape lightingOver the past year, ClaroLux has received a lot of positive feedback concerning their antique brass fixtures.  With more and more customers asking for a pre-finished antique look, antique brass fixtures are becoming more and more popular.  ClaroLux has recently introduced two new brass landscape lighting fixtures to its product line; the Teramo SL1-III and the Turin DL4-III.

Brass fixtures by Clarolux

The top renovation project in existing homes today are outdoor living spaces like patios, firepits, and outdoor fireplaces.  ClaroLux’s Turin and Teramo are two fixtures that are ideal for anyone expanding their living space outdoors.  These two landscape lighting fixtures provide a nice elegant lighting effect all while blending in with the hardscapes.

Direct Replacement LEDs versus Built-In LEDs

As you all know, some manufacturers are advertising their built-in LED fixtures as the “cure-all”, “end-all” solution to landscape lighting.  Yes, fixtures that have built-in LEDs are very good at keeping heat away from their sensitive components but as you all know nothing lasts forever, especially electrical components.

Built-in LEDs usually come with a 10-15 year warranty from the manufacturer compared to a direct replacement LED that comes with a 3-5 year warranty.  What you will see from the story below is that often times the warranty is a very misleading sales tactic.  This is why it is very important when choosing an LED fixture to illuminate your home that you do your research!  Failing to do so can end up costing you thousands of dollars down the road.

Built-In LED fixtureLast week we received a phone call from a new client in Mooresville, NC.  They specialize in outdoor living spaces, rock features, water features, etc.  In the past, they were illuminating their work with built-in LED wall washing fixtures from one of the larger landscape lighting manufacturers (we won’t mention names).  They ended up switching to ClaroLux’s CL-DL4 direct replacement LED fixture because they ran into an issue that many people fail to think about when creating their dream outdoor living space…problems that occur down the road after the project is complete.

On this particular project they created an elaborate rock wall feature with a grand outdoor fireplace overlooking Lake Norman.  It was truly beautiful!  The only problem was that after three weeks of completing the project many of the LEDs had already failed.  Five out of the sixteen LED wall washer fixtures had failed thus creating a serious problem considering all of the fixtures had built-in LEDs that could not be replaced.  Usually this would not be an issue if they were to have used a fixture like ClaroLux’s CL-DL4 with a direct replacement Brilliance LED.  But now instead of simply replacing the LED they had to completely deconstruct the rock wall and fireplace to remove the LED fixtures.

The manufacturer of the built-in LED fixtures stood behind their 15 year warranty but they failed to cover the contractor’s expense in rebuilding the rock retaining wall/fireplace.  It took this particular contractor 2 weeks to dissemble the wall and reconstruct.  He ended up losing a once happy customer and thousands of dollars because the fixture had built-in LEDs that could not be replaced.

This is a prime example of why you need to choose your fixtures wisely.  LEDs do not last forever but your rock wall or outdoor living space will.  If you are thinking about purchasing fixtures with built-in LEDs, ask yourself, what happens when the LEDs fail.  You will not simply be able to replace the LED.  You will have to replace the entire fixture which can be very costly.  This is why it is good to think about the future and ALWAYS consider the “what if” in every situation.

ClaroLux only offers direct replacement LEDs from Brilliance.  We feel that Brilliance LEDs are some of the best LEDs on the market today.  If you are considering an LED outdoor lighting system, always think 5-7 years down the road.  Based on recent findings and studies that ClaroLux has performed we would say that over half of the built-in LED fixtures that are on the market today will have failed by then.  Learn from other people’s mistakes and use direct replacement LEDs.  They can end up saving you thousands of dollars.