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Landscape Lighting Software Featuring ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Software just recently introduced their landscape lighting design package featuring ClaroLux Landscape Lighting fixtures. No longer will you have to wait for it to get dark to show your customer how their home or landscape will look. With Landscape Lighting Software’s design program you can now take a picture of what you are wanting to illuminate, upload it to your computer, and begin to design your landscape lighting system.  It is that easy.  To learn more about how the software works please see the YouTube video below or visit them on the web.

Landscape Contractor Magazine – April 2014 “Lighting Issue”

Lighting IssueCheck out ClaroLux in the 2014 Landscape Contractor Magazine – “Lighting Issue”.

Each and every year, Landscape Contractor Magazine features some of the top landscape lighting companies across the country in their Spring Landscape Lighting Issue.  They discuss hot topics and growing trends in the industry.  This year is all about LED lighting…big suprise!

As the industry moves from halogen to LED, the more products change and evolve.  It is very exciting to see the landscape lighting industry transform and Landscape Contractor Magazine is one organization that is helping to make all of these transformations front and center.  This helps everyone in the industry keep up with the new latest and greatest products on the market.

Help to support those who support us and subscribe to Landscape Contractor Magazine. It is definitely a great way to keep up with what is going on in the landscape lighting industry.

Click here to see the April 2014 Landscape Lighting Issue.

ClaroLux Mentioned This Week In The Rhino Times

Does your house say “welcome” after dark?  Can friends and neighbors find their way to your front door?  Can you?  If your driveway and house are well lit, there is no problem, but too often poor lighting makes approaching your home at night a real challenge.

Rhino Times

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Landscape lighting systems are a solid investment in safety and security.  And, with the latest technological developments making the cost more and more reasonable, a well-lit home is easier than ever to achieve.

“These newer technologies have enabled designers to be really, really precise with lighting,” said Lighting Certified Professional Gordon Hunt of Illuminating Technologies Inc.  The new technology “has eliminated the challenge of aiming and focusing incandescent lights, which needed more equipment and increased the cost of a lighting package.  Now LEDs [light-emitting diodes] allow pinpoint accuracy without the added expense of more equipment,” said Hunt.

Hunt also pointed out that LEDs use less energy than traditional light sources, which enables the use of more lights.  The money that in the past would have been spent on equipment to aim and focus the lights can now be used to enlarge the lighting package.

Like Hunt, lighting designer Rick Chism is enthused about the use of LEDs and said that manufacturers are finding different ways to put them in fixtures.  There are now LED lights for nearly every type of lighting situation.  He said that LED lights are now on par with the older incandescent and halogen lights, but are far more energy efficient, using 90 percent less power and lasting over 20 times longer.

Chism said that LEDs have been fine-tuned and the color rendering is excellent, as is the quality.  The cost of LED systems is also close to that of the older systems, and though they may still be slightly more expensive to install, the initial cost of an LED system is quickly recouped due to the lower amount of electricity used.

Chism said he is also excited about the fact that some of the best LED lights available are manufactured right here in Greensboro by ClaroLux Landscape Lighting.  The company has been in business for around 10+ years, and Chism said they have excellent, high-end, US Made, landscape lighting products for affordable prices that he likes to use.  Plus, most of their landscape lighting products are now made right here in their manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC.

Both Hunt and Chism said that adding lighting to your landscape enhances the value of your home and definitely helps the resale value.  Potential buyers often look at houses at night, so attractive home and landscape lighting can make your home the one they remember and return to.

To make your home memorable, when deciding to add a lighting package to your landscape, you need to take into consideration the overall appearance of your home.  Will the lights look good as you approach the house from the curb, driveway or front door?  Size and number of lights make a difference.  You want adequate light, but not overpowering beacons.  The day of the floodlight is gone.  Instead, illuminate driveways and front walkways with post-mounted lanterns. They add security and safety to your entrance without blinding the neighbors.  And, don’t forget to illuminate the numbers of your house’s address.

Well-designed landscape lighting can do much more than merely illuminate the pathway to your front door.  Careful placement of lights allows you to enjoy your home for more hours, extending the indoors out.

Strategically positioned low-voltage lights illuminate design features in your yard, and reflect off the leaves of overhead trees and nearby shrubbery, creating a constantly changing environment.  The edges of a path through the garden can be defined by the use of spread lights that mark where the path meets the grass or flowerbeds.  Accent lights, available in a wide array of colors, create dramatic effects when used to light a tree or bathe the walls of your home in light.

Rhino Times Deck ArticleReaching those garden pathways from a deck or porch is also made safer with the use of step lights to reduce shadows.  When a home is properly lit, dark corners virtually disappear.  Not only is this a safety feature, but it also eliminates places where vandals or burglars might hide.

Deck lighting now goes beyond the tiki torches that have been popular for years.  Instead, LED rail lights and post lights for decks illuminate the space and enhance the ambience of the deck and surrounding area.

A little-known benefit of LED lights for outdoor use is the fact that they don’t attract mosquitoes or other bugs since they don’t give off infrared or ultraviolet rays.  In addition, LEDs contain no lead or mercury, and they give off very little heat, so accidentally brushing up against one won’t result in a person being burned.

The livability of porches and other covered spaces is also increased with the use of chandeliers and lamps that are made specifically for outdoor use.  Just be sure that fixture you are considering has a tag that says “UL/ETL Listed for Use in Damp Locations.”  This will tell you that the product is water resistant and can be used in wet or damp situations.

Of course, those tiki torches and candles can still add a romantic touch to your outdoor living space for special occasions, but for practical every day outdoor use, you can’t beat LED lighting.

Illuminating Technologies’ clients include businesses, decor design firms, architects and engineers.  Customer segments range from industrial, commercial and retail establishments to government and institutional facilities.  For more information, check out their website at www.illuminatingtechnologies.com.

Rick Chism LLC Landscape Lighting specializes in residential landscape design and installation.  His website is www.rickchism.com.

Article by Sandy Groover – Rhino Times – Greensboro, North Carolina

Why Landscape Architects Choose ClaroLux

ClaroLux is the #1 choice among many of the top landscape architects and designers in the country due to their quality products and excellent tools that help them with designing their landscape projects.  ClaroLux offers everything from detailed specification sheets to luminaire plan symbols for their architectural plans.  Over the years, ClaroLux has worked with many architects all of whom love the fact that most of ClaroLux’s landscape lighting fixtures are made right here in America and come with a lifetime warranty.

Landscape Architects
Landscape Architects

Recently ClaroLux worked with Chip Callaway, owner of Callaway and Associates, on his project at the Paul J. Ceiner Botanical Gardens in Kernersville, NC.  The beautiful, 2 acre -15 garden, world-class botanical garden showcases over 1,300 different kinds of plants and flowers.  All of the areas were carefully designed both for the enjoyment during the day and at night.

One of Chip’s main goals when he was working on the outdoor lighting design plan was to create an inviting and elegant nighttime ambiance by using many of ClaroLux’s copper outdoor lighting fixtures.  He chose ClaroLux’s copper line due to the fact that the copper fixtures patina and disappear into the landscape over time.  Over the past 30 years Chip and his design staff have designed nearly 1000 gardens ranging in size from large estates to small patios. During his career Chip has completed commissions from Nantucket and Long Island to Palm Beach and England with the majority of the projects coming from the Carolinas and Virginia.  ClaroLux has worked with Callaway and Assoicates on many of their projects and The Paul J. Ceiner Botanical Gardens is high up on the list as a must see Chip Callaway garden.  It is truly a beautiful place located in the heart of Kernersville, NC.

Let ClaroLux Help You With Your Lighting Design Plans

Would you like to sell more landscape lighting systems in 2014?  ClaroLux can help you land more landscape lighting jobs by letting your customer see the layout of their outdoor lighting system before it is installed.  With larger projects, many homeowners have trouble seeing the final product before the job is complete. Nighttime demonstrations are great sales tools but if you don’t have time to do nighttime demos ClaroLux offers landscape lighting design plans to all of their customers.  Please give us a call today to learn more about our design services.

ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Design Plans
ClaroLux Landscape Lighting system that was installed at the Matheson Estate in 2013 in Hickory, NC by Johnston Landscape Services.

2014 AOLP Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA

AOLP Conference 2014This past week was the annual AOLP Conference & Expo in San Diego, California.  ClaroLux was one of the many exhibitors at the conference.  The AOLP Conference took place at the beautiful Catamaran Resort and Spa.  It was an absolutely beautiful place and was the perfect setting for the AOLP Expo.

We would just like to say thank you to all of the members and speakers for a wonderful trip that was put together.  A special thanks to the 2014 AOLP Executive Board Members including Paul Gosselin (President), Paul Welty (Vice President), Gerry De La Vega (Treasurer), Chris Mitchell (Secretary), Matthew Broyles, John Niggli, Michael Deo, Lisa Frye (Executive Director).

Speakers Included: Matthew Broyles, Gerry De La Vega, Michael Deo, Kelly Fore Dixon, Paul Gosselin, Chip Israel, Amelia Lima, Laura Morton, Michael Sestak, Scott Sissom, Nathan Smith, Andy Thomas, and Paul Welty. What a pleasure it was to hear you all speak about the ever changing and growing landscape lighting industry.


AOLP’s HGTV Celebrity Tommy Herren aka The Lighting Geek Hanging Out With ClaroLux


AOLP Conference PhotoIf you have ever dabbled in the landscape lighting industry or watched HGTV’s hit series “Yard Crashers” you are likely familiar with Tommy’s name or his passion for the landscape lighting industry.  On many of the Yard Crasher episodes you would see Tommy’s expertise shinning through as he created beautiful nighttime masterpieces for the homeowners. That passion and expertise carry into Tommy’s commitment to provide his clients with exceptional service and quality.

ClaroLux would like to thank Tommy and all of the AOLP members for making the 2014 AOLP Conference a huge success for the ClaroLux Team.

Save the Date!

2015 AOLP Annual Conference & Expo
February 18-22, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Custom, High-End, Copper Landscape Lighting Fixtures

ClaroLux® has emerged as one of the leaders in the high-end, custom copper landscape lighting fixtures business.  Not only are all of their products made right here in the USA but ClaroLux® also offers custom designs and colors for special projects.  With every landscape lighting project being unique, ClaroLux® has emerged as the go to source for specification grade outdoor lighting fixtures.

Architects are now choosing ClaroLux® for ClaroLux - USA Custom Copper Landscape Lighting Fixtures Manufacturercustom stained copper fixtures and custom powder coated fixtures to match the paint on the surrounding estate.  Every project has its unique properties and ClaroLux is there to help fill the need for these custom landscape lighting fixtures.

Recently, ClaroLux® was involved on a large 500+ light project in Tampa, Florida.  The estate was 100+ years old with copper accents that required the new copper landscape lighting fixtures to be stained to look as if they have been on the property for many years.  ClaroLux® created an environment that created an old world look with newly designed LED landscape lighting fixtures.

If you are in the market for a high-end, custom landscape lighting system, ClaroLux Landscape Lighting® is your answer.  No one beats our quality or craftsmanship!

ClaroLux – Landscape Lighting Fixtures That Are Proudly Manufactured In Greensboro, NC, USA.

ClaroLux’s Lighting & Design Award – 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Pete Bryant and his staff at Southern Lights for winning ClaroLux’s 2013 Lighting & Design Award.  Pete has been involved in the landscape industry since he was 15 years old.  He started his parent company Southern Exposure Landscape Design in 1995.  Pete is a graduate of the University of Appalachian State.  Southern Exposure & Southern Lights are based in Pete’s hometown of Greensboro, NC.  With Southern Exposure designing and installing all of the landscapes and hardscapes; and Southern Lights bringing everything to life at night…they have you covered from start to finish.  Pete is a one stop shop for the landscape that you have always dreamed about.

Congratulations to Pete for not only winning ClaroLux’s Lighting & Design Award in 2013 but for also receiving his CLVLT certification from AOLP.  We are proud to have customers like Pete who take pride in their work and only use the best possible products on the market. Thanks again Pete for choosing ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems to illuminate all of your beautiful work.

Design Award pergola

Steps Design Award

Black overview Design Award

ClaroLux’s 2013 Lighting & Design Award Runner-Up Entry:

Josh Wynne Construction LEED Platinum Certified Contractor.  They are nationally recognized as an industry leader in the green community.  All of Josh’s homes are built with the highest standards and top notch materials.  We thank you guys for using ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems on all of your projects.

Design Award runner up

Design Award walkway

Lighthing Design Award runner up

ClaroLux is a proud member of AOLP – Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals



Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals , AOLP,  mission is to establish standards, educate industry professionals and increase awareness of the outdoor lighting industry.


The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals was originally established in 2001 as the Low Voltage Lighting Institute of the Americas (LVLIA). The mission of AOLP is to establish standards, educate industry professionals and increase awareness of the outdoor lighting industry. AOLP is a trade association whose membership consists of contractors, manufacturers, lighting designers, landscape architects and distributors from all over the U.S. and Canada. The main goal of AOLP is to improve the knowledge and abilities of the professionals within the architectural and landscape lighting industry. The Association also provides accreditation programs to become a certified technician or certified landscape lighting designer.


Our members include some of the most recognizable names in the industry. They are passionate about lighting and are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Come join us and take your business to the next level. Our members include contractors, design firms, architect firms, electrical companies, distributors and manufacturers. We have professionals who have been in the lighting industry since its inception, and we also have students who are just starting their careers. The one common goal that all of our members have is to better themselves, as well as the industry as a whole. There is no other organization more dedicated to advancing the outdoor lighting industry and its members than AOLP.

  • To endeavor to raise to the highest degree the standards, ethics and practices of the outdoor lighting industry
  • To promote the use of architectural and landscape outdoor lighting by consumers and lighting professionals
  • To broaden public understanding of the importance of the outdoor lighting industry
  • To educate consumers, contractors and architects about the use of outdoor lighting
  • To acquire from public sources, preserve and disseminate data and valuable business information relative to the outdoor lighting industry
  • To participate in activities which enhance the industry
  • To hold meetings and conferences for the education of its members

Texas Showing Their Support for ClaroLux

One of ClaroLux’s customers, John Hopkins, owner of Suncor Outdoors, based in Katy, Texas, is showing his support for his favorite outdoor lighting brand with his newly wrapped vehicle.

ClaroLux is supported by Suncor OutdoorsSuncor Outdoors has been serving the Greater Houston Area for the past twenty years.  They offer a wide range of services from distinctive pools, spa and landscape designs, to efficient irrigation and landscape lighting systems. Suncor Services only uses the best products on the market to make all of their projects last a lifetime and that is why they use ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems!

John is one of many customers who believes in offering his customers only the best outdoor lighting products.  John always puts quality first and this shows in all of his projects.

All of us are very happy to have customers like John working to help grow not only his own company but also the ClaroLux Landscape Lighting brand.