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Landscape Architects Can Now View ClaroLux® Luminaires on CAD Details!

CADdetailsLink-CAD-3DAbout CAD Details:

Founded in 1997, CADdetails is the leading provider of manufacturer-specific building product information, delivering high quality planning documents to architects, engineers, contractors, and other design industry professionals throughout North America.  ClaroLux® chose CAD Details to help bridge the gap between architects and the manufacturer.  We are happy to be a part of the growing number of products on CAD Details.


Why ClaroLux Chose CAD Details:

ClaroLux® wants landscape architects and designers to specify their new and innovative, Made in USA, landscape lighting products in their most coveted projects. ClaroLux® recognizes that using a product for the first time can be a little tricky so CAD Details helps to make sure that all of ClaroLux’s® 3D models, CAD details and specification sheets are current, accurate and work in multiple formats. All of ClaroLux’s® content that CAD Details hosts meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.


What CAD Details Does:

CAD Details is a virtual bridge between product manufacturers and professional designers.  CAD Details mission is to help bring design projects to life by connecting the AEC industry with high-quality CAD drawings, 3D models, BIM files, specifications, images, and related documents from reputable manufacturers across the continent like ClaroLux®. Dedicated to organizing, enhancing, and simplifying the design and procurement process, CAD Details works hard to create the highest quality digital resources in a wide range of formats. All of ClaroLux’s® digital content is now available for download free of charge.


Manufacturer-specific Building Product Information:

You can now access all of ClaroLux’s® highly detailed design and planning documents for use in your commercial and residential building projects. Our files include 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, BIM files, three-part specifications, product brochures, images, and more. To access ClaroLux’s® micro-site on CAD Details please click here.  You will be able to access all of our files and designs with a click on a button.

Fox 8 News – Made In NC – ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

Fox 8 News - Made In NC Clarolux Landscape Lighting

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One of the most popular upgrades for people to add to their homes is landscape lighting, and one brand that′s getting a lot of attention is Greensboro-based ClaroLux Landscape Lighting.

“My dad one time said, ′son, I don′t really understand what you do,′” said Brian Groat of ClaroLux. “We installed lights on his house and he called me a few days later and said, ′oh I get it, it′s so much nicer to come home to a house that′s well lit.′”

This is not the type of lighting you′ll find at home improvement stores — this is professional grade — with low voltage, energy efficient LEDs. Instead of using cast metal, they machine their parts from solid bar stock lights that are designed and built to last a lifetime.

ClaroLux imported their lights for about ten years, then decided to make a change. They set up a new factory in Greensboro, bought sophisticated computer controlled machining equipment, and hired enough employees to start production.

“it just makes you feel better knowing that you′re keeping money in our country,” Groat said. “I can say that based on experience, because it wasn′t very long ago that we were wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to China to import our product. Now all that money stays right here”.

To learn more about ClaroLux click here.

One of Texas’ Best Landscape Liters Takes To The Air

Joel Mayor, owner of Texas Outdoor Lighting, took to the air to show off a few of his recent landscape lighting projects in Austin, Texas.  As you can see, Joel’s background as a US Navy Airman still comes out from time to time.   The videos below show when it comes to landscape lighting, Texas Outdoor Lighting, is one of the best in Texas.

On this particular project Joel used ClaroLux’s SWL1-III specialty wash lights with Brilliance’s 2W Beacon LEDs to illuminate the long winding walkway leading up to the beautiful Texas estate.  The home was illuminated by ClaroLux’s BL23-III brass bullet lights with Brilliance’s 5W 2700k LED 60˚ MR16s to give the home a soft appealing glow.  The estates beautifully landscaped areas were moonlit by ClaroLux’s TL24-III brass tree lights with Brilliance’s 7W 3000k LED 30˚ MR16s.  The owner of the estate wanted an elegant, softly illuminated, resort style feeling at night and Texas Outdoor Lighting nailed it.

Texas Outdoor Lighting’s team created many different levels of light on the low country log cabin by using ClaroLux’s BL23-III brass LED bullet lights strategically mounted throughout the cabin.  The owner wanted to show off the incredible craftsmanship of not only the home but all of the grounds.  Texas Outdoor Lighting created one of the best projects of 2015 by going above an beyond what the homeowner ever imagined.

When it comes to creating nighttime master pieces Texas Outdoor Lighting is one of the best in the business.  Creating nighttime oasis’ takes skill and Joel Mayor and his team have exactly what it takes to give you the exact look you are going for when it comes to your nighttime scenery.  Please visit their website for more info on how they can help you light up your property at night; www.texasoutdoorlighting.com.

Texas Outdoor Lighting – Your Landscape Lighting Specialist.

ClaroLux’s® New WFL26 LED Wash Light

The Charlotte WFL26-III brass LED wash light is among the most versatile in ClaroLux’s® line of high quality, high performance landscape LED luminaires. It is also one of the smallest luminaires that ClaroLux® has to offer.  Unlike many of the square Chinese mini-wash light fixtures that have flooded the landscape lighting world, the Charlotte has a unique form and function allowing its sleek silhouette to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.  But do not let the size of the luminaire fool you; it packs a big punch!  The WFL26 mini-wash light has a higher lumen output when compared to its Chinese competitors due to its innovative design.

ClaroLux's WF26 LED Wash Light vs Unique's Stellar
ClaroLux’s new brass WFL26-III Wash Light is hands down the best compact brass LED wash light on the market. See how it compared to the Unique’s Stellar brass wash light above. More and more people across the country are demanding a USA made product and the results above show why.
















The WFL26 mini-wash light is machined from solid brass bar stock, assembled with stainless steel hardware and sealed with two silicone o-rings.  This 12-Volt fixture is as durable as it is magnificent.  The wash light has several patented features like a 180˚, built-in, adjustable reflector shield.  This gives the WFL26 not only the ability to soften the light output but also the ability to shield the light glare. The Charlotte also has an optional frosted glass lens available for purchase.  See how the light output of the WFL26 compared to Unique’s Stellar brass wash light below.

ClaroLux's WFL26 vs Unique's Stellar Photometrics
The results of the test showed that ClaroLux’s WFL26 had a much cleaner, crisper light due to the design and reflective properties of the luminaire. The Unique’s Stellar brass wash light performed well but the light output was not near as crisp and clean looking as the WFL26. The Stellar had less light spread and the color of the light was hendered by the design of the fixture.



ClaroLux’s WFL26 wash light is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA exclusively by ClaroLux, LLC® and backed by their Lifetime Warranty.  Don’t settle for inexpensive Chinese imports that will only cause you headaches down the road; use the best, ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems®.

It’s That Time Of Year Again – AOLP Conference & Expo In Atlanta, GA

How can you set yourself apart from the competition, gain respect, acquire knowledge and invest in your future?  By becoming certified!!!  Become a CLVLT or sign up for the COLD program at the AOLP Annual Conference & Expo being held the week of February 16-20, 2015, at the Embassy Suites Atlanta – Bulkhead in Atlanta, GA.
AOLP Conference
The annual AOLP Conference & Expo is praised among members for its educational and networking opportunities. It’s also the perfect time to become certified. seo website analysis report For your convenience, the CLVLT exam and COLD sessions are held in the days prior to the conference at the conference hotel.  If you have any questions about these certification programs, please contact Kelly at 717-238-2504 or certification@aolponline.org.
  • COLD: Year 1 Session (Tuesday, February 16 & Wednesday, February 17, 2015)
  • COLD: Year 3 Session (Tuesday, February 16, 2015)

Click here for the registration form.

For more information on COLD, click here
  • CLVLT Exam (Wednesday, February 17, 2015)
Click here for the registration form. 
For more information on CLVLT, click here.   

Made In The Carolinas – ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

ClaroLux landscape lighting featured in “Made in the Carolinas”

ClaroLux’s decision to bring their manufacturing back to the USA has completely changed the way their products are manufactured and assembled.  Over the past 25 years, almost all of the landscape lighting industry has sourced their products from other countries like China. ClaroLux® is one of the few lighting manufacturers in the United States that is now manufacturing almost all of their lighting products in house, in Greensboro, NC, USA!

We are involved in every bit of the production process. From the design of the fixtures on 3D printers to the manufacturing process, ClaroLux® is there, making sure it is done properly. It all begins with a simple idea, then that idea is taken to ClaroLux’s design team to make that idea come to life with their CAD software and 3D printers.  The design staff is very involved with their Dealer network so once the designs are printed into a working prototype they are sent out for “real world” testing.  Once that feedback is received, ClaroLux® then makes the fixture come to life on their CNC machines.  These processes are what sets ClaroLux apart from the rest of their competition.

Click on the link below to see why landscape lighting designers and landscape architects across the world are choosing ClaroLux® products to illuminate their most important projects.  Their specification grade landscape lighting luminaries are now some of the best products on the market.  When you choose a ClaroLux Landscape Lighting System® you will be assured to have the best landscape lighting system on the market that will last you for many years to come.

ClaroLux® – “A System That Lasts A Lifetime!”

Made in the Carolinas - ClaroLux Landscape Lighting
TWC featured ClaroLux Landscape Lighting today on their series “Made in the Carolinas” showing how Made In America is making a big comeback. Click here to see how ClaroLux® is separating themselves from the rest of their competition.

Save the Date for the 2016 AOLP Conference & Expo

Mark your calendar now for the Annual AOLP Conference & Expo being hosted at the Embassy Suites Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia! The main conference is February 18-20, 2016, with pre-conference certification sessions on February 16-17, 2016.  Make sure to register today!

Hotel Information:

Embassy Suites Atlanta – Buckhead

3285 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
1-800-EMBASSY (362-2778)

Room Rates (plus tax)
2-Room suite with 1 King Bed: $139
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*all rooms come with refrigerator, microwave, free WiFi, complimentary hot breakfast and complimentary evening reception
Reservation deadline is January 25, 2016
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The Age Of Copycats & Cheap Chinese Imports in Landscape Lighting

In the day and age of “Made in China”, it seems that very few people in the manufacturing world of the landscape lighting industry have the ability to think and create on their own. With the ease of hopping on the Internet and contacting manufacturers in China, many are entering the landscape lighting business and calling themselves “manufacturers”. “Manufacturer” in the landscape lighting industry is a loosely used term. There are a dozen or more companies in our industry who offer the same products from China. Each and every one of them call themselves “manufacturers”, yet all they merely are is a distributor of Chinese imports.

Today, you can find similar products at Sterling Lighting, Dauer – FUSA Corp Lighting, ABR Lighting, Nite Time Decor, Alliance Lighting, Volt – Landscape Lighting World, Unique Lighting Systems, Universal Lighting Systems, etc. Many have been involved in lawsuits with one another over infringements, etc. which rarely hold up in court since the Chinese are the ones who designed, patented and manufactured their products. It is amazing to see the lack of variety in the designs across the industry.

ClaroLux® is one of the few manufacturers in the landscape lighting industry who designs, builds and manufactures right here in the USA. Their facility is located in Greensboro, NC where they manufacture and assemble almost all of their landscape lighting products.  If it can be built here, they are bringing it back home to the USA! 90% of their products are produced here and that number is growing everyday. Creating jobs, making a better product and keeping their products protected is very important at ClaroLux®.

ClaroLux® first started in the landscape lighting industry just as many of the other companies did above, in China, but quickly realized that the Chinese did not have their best interest at heart. Many of the Chinese manufactures will sell your designs and products to any and everyone without blinking an eye.  Not only that, they are always cutting corners to save a penny where they can.  This is what you are seeing today in the landscape lighting industry, a large influx of inexpensive, copycat, Chinese products. From wash lights to path lights you can find many of the same products through half of the “manufacturers” in the country. There is very little difference in the design and function.

Well ClaroLux® wants to challenge all of those in our industry to try and do what is best for our country and our industry. Think outside of the box and try to design, build and create something here in the USA without simply buying something off the Internet from a country who could care less about our homeland. Create jobs, build-up local suppliers around you; every dollar that goes back into our economy creates more American jobs. The next time you are purchasing a landscape lighting fixture from a manufacturer/distributor or a landscape lighting system from a professional, think about the big picture.

At ClaroLux® we love our country and we want to see it flourish; buy USA Made Goods! To see how we are making a difference please see the video that was produced by Time Warner Cable – Made In North Carolina Series.   To view the video click here – ClaroLux – Made In the Carolinas.

Announcing ClaroLux’s® 2015 ClaroBucks Rewards Program

ClaroBucks Rewards ProgramClaroLux® is very excited to announce their new and improved 2015 ClaroBucks Rewards Program with the launch of the ClaroLux Visa® Prepaid Card. In 2015 you will earn up to 2% of your net purchases which will be loaded onto your ClaroLux® Card. To kick off the program ClaroBucks Rewards earned in 2014 will be loaded on your ClaroLux® Visa Prepaid Card and distributed in March. Your card can be used at approximately 170 popular retail, travel and entertainment establishments. You can use your card online or in person, making it easy for you to shop, dine, and have fun!

The ClaroLux® Visa Prepaid Card is a reloadable card which means ClaroBucks will be added to your card each quarter as long as you have made qualifying purchases. The ClaroBucks program is open to ClaroLux® Dealers in good standing that make a minimum of $5,000 in annual ClaroLux® purchases. The percentage of purchase dollars awarded to your account is dependent on your annual purchase volume. For full program details please visit ClaroLux’s Dealer website and click on the ClaroBucks Rewards tab within the dealer section.

Visit MyPrepaidCenter.com to see the current listing of participating merchants*, to check your card balance, and get questions answered about your card.

Note: your card is a prepaid card and not a credit card, which means you cannot pay with the card beyond the available balance. You can only use the funds available on your card. Each time you use your card, funds will be deducted from your card balance. This card cannot be used at ATMs or to get cash back from merchants. If your card has a balance after the card expiration date, a $2.50 monthly fee will be accessed on your card until the balance reaches zero.

*Merchants are subject to change. Prepaid cards are issued in connection with an award program. Prepaid card is issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. No cash access or recurring payments. Can be used at select merchants that accept Visa debit cards, see website below. Card valid for up to 24 months, funds do not expire and may be available after card expiration date, monthly card account management and post-expiration card re- issuance fees may apply. Card terms and conditions apply, see MyPrepaidCenter.com.

Are you looking to set yourself apart from the competition? Look to AOLP

How can you set yourself apart from the competition, gain respect, acquire knowledge and invest in your future?  By becoming certified!  Join AOLP – Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals today.


AOLP offers certification programs (CLVLT) and ongoing educational and design programs that further your knowledge and expertise in the landscape lighitng industry.  To become a CLVLT or sign up for the COLD program simply click on the links below. The CLVLT exam and COLD sessions will be held at the AOLP Annual Conference & Expo.  This year the Expo is being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Antonio, TX the week of February 19 – 21, 2015.  The annual AOLP Conference & Expo is praised among members for its educational and networking opportunities.  It is also the perfect time to become certified.  The CLVLT exam and COLD sessions are held in the few days prior to the conference at the hotel.

COLD: Year 2 Session (Wednesday, February 18, 2015)

COLD: Year 4 Session (Tuesday, February 17 & Wednesday, February 18, 2015)

Click here for the registration form.  For more information on COLD, please click here.

CLVLT Exam (Wednesday, February 18, 2015).  Click here for the registration form.  For more information on CLVLT, click here.

If you have any questions about these certification programs, please contact Kelly at 717-238-2504 or certification@aolponline.org.