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ClaroLux’s Lighting & Design Award – 2012 Winner Lighting Designs

Lighting Designs of NW North CarolinaCongratulations to Bradley Eller with Lighting Designs of NW North Carolina for winning ClaroLux’s 2012 Lighting & Design Award. Bradley has been a customer of ClaroLux since his business’ inception.  He really enjoys the creative process involved in bringing homes and landscapes to light.  His top priority is to strive to make every job his best job and this is shown in each and every project he is involved in.

On this particular project in Hickory, NC, Bradley used ClaroLux’s LED Series III Brass fixtures which resulted in an exuberant nighttime experience that embraced the totality of the property.

Exceptional landscape and architectural lighting, as shown here, requires an artistic eye and complete mastery of lighting tools from ClaroLux.  Bradley uses all that ClaroLux has to offer to help create beautiful masterpieces for his customers.  His dedication to perfection and pride in what he does helps set himself apart from his competition. Thanks again to Bradley with Lighting Designs of Northwest NC for elevating the art of landscape lighting and choosing ClaroLux as his supplier.

Homeowners looking for exceptional lighting customized to their property, their homes, and their lives should contact Lighting Designs.  Bradley is a master of landscape and architectural lighting.