Save the Date for the 2016 AOLP Conference & Expo

Mark your calendar now for the Annual AOLP Conference & Expo being hosted at the Embassy Suites Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia! The main conference is February 18-20, 2016, with pre-conference certification sessions on February 16-17, 2016.  Make sure to register today!

Hotel Information:

Embassy Suites Atlanta – Buckhead

3285 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
1-800-EMBASSY (362-2778)

Room Rates (plus tax)
2-Room suite with 1 King Bed: $139
2-Room suite with 2 Double Beds: $139

*all rooms come with refrigerator, microwave, free WiFi, complimentary hot breakfast and complimentary evening reception
Reservation deadline is January 25, 2016
Click here to reserve your room for the annual AOLP Conference & Expo!
Use Code: AOLP – Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals


Why ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Supplier Ranks High Among Landscape Lighters

If you are looking for high quality, Made in the USA, ClaroLux landscape lighting products that last a lifetime, then look no further…ClaroLux® is your number one landscape lighting supplier for all of your outdoor lighting needs.

ClaroLux Landscape Lighting® provides a comprehensive line of high-quality lighting fixtures, transformers, LEDs and outdoor lighting components that are manufactured in Greensboro, NC, USA.  Every ClaroLux® Dealer is setup to grow their business and succeed as a ClaroLux® Dealer.  By providing timely delivery of affordable, quality, innovative products along with award winning customer service, education, and sales support every ClaroLux® landscape lighting dealer will be able to take their business to the next level.

All ClaroLux’s® Dealer prices are confidential and are never sold anywhere else online like Amazon, Ebay, or other online stores.   ClaroLux® does everything that they can to protect their dealers and to ensure their success.

At ClaroLux® our Dealers can order directly online 24/7 and their orders are shipped directly to their doorstep.  No longer do they have to drive around from supply house to supply house trying to prepare for an upcoming project.  ClaroLux® offers their Dealers a one stop online shopping experience that is easy and fast, all from the convenience of their home or business.  The online Dealer store allows ClaroLux’s® Dealers to create estimates, see past purchases, download fixture specification sheets, and much much more.  Register today at ClaroLux Landscape Lighting® and see how ClaroLux® can help to grow your landscape lighting business and improve your bottom line.

The Age Of Copycats & Cheap Chinese Imports in Landscape Lighting

In the day and age of “Made in China”, it seems that very few people in the manufacturing world of the landscape lighting industry have the ability to think and create on their own. With the ease of hopping on the Internet and contacting manufacturers in China, many are entering the landscape lighting business and calling themselves “manufacturers”. “Manufacturer” in the landscape lighting industry is a loosely used term. There are a dozen or more companies in our industry who offer the same products from China. Each and every one of them call themselves “manufacturers”, yet all they merely are is a distributor of Chinese imports.

Today, you can find similar products at Sterling Lighting, Dauer – FUSA Corp Lighting, ABR Lighting, Nite Time Decor, Alliance Lighting, Volt – Landscape Lighting World, Unique Lighting Systems, Universal Lighting Systems, etc. Many have been involved in lawsuits with one another over infringements, etc. which rarely hold up in court since the Chinese are the ones who designed, patented and manufactured their products. It is amazing to see the lack of variety in the designs across the industry.

ClaroLux® is one of the few manufacturers in the landscape lighting industry who designs, builds and manufactures right here in the USA. Their facility is located in Greensboro, NC where they manufacture and assemble almost all of their landscape lighting products.  If it can be built here, they are bringing it back home to the USA! 90% of their products are produced here and that number is growing everyday. Creating jobs, making a better product and keeping their products protected is very important at ClaroLux®.

ClaroLux® first started in the landscape lighting industry just as many of the other companies did above, in China, but quickly realized that the Chinese did not have their best interest at heart. Many of the Chinese manufactures will sell your designs and products to any and everyone without blinking an eye.  Not only that, they are always cutting corners to save a penny where they can.  This is what you are seeing today in the landscape lighting industry, a large influx of inexpensive, copycat, Chinese products. From wash lights to path lights you can find many of the same products through half of the “manufacturers” in the country. There is very little difference in the design and function.

Well ClaroLux® wants to challenge all of those in our industry to try and do what is best for our country and our industry. Think outside of the box and try to design, build and create something here in the USA without simply buying something off the Internet from a country who could care less about our homeland. Create jobs, build-up local suppliers around you; every dollar that goes back into our economy creates more American jobs. The next time you are purchasing a landscape lighting fixture from a manufacturer/distributor or a landscape lighting system from a professional, think about the big picture.

At ClaroLux® we love our country and we want to see it flourish; buy USA Made Goods! To see how we are making a difference please see the video that was produced by Time Warner Cable – Made In North Carolina Series.   To view the video click here – ClaroLux – Made In the Carolinas.

ClaroLux’s® New Adjustable Mounting Bracket System

ClaroLux® has done it again.  They have come up with a revolutionary, universal, adjustable mounting bracket system that is great for placing lights into areas where they may need to be slightly adjusted and/or fine tuned.  ClaroLux’s® patented CL-GM100 Gutter Mounts and CL-SM100 Surface Mounts are great tools for landscape lighters who are looking for the ideal mounting system for their landscape lighting fixtures.

There are many other mounting products on the market today (almost all of them are made in China) but not one of them are like ClaroLux’s® GM100 and SM100 luminaire mounts.  The new Gutter and Surface Mounts from ClaroLux® can be attached to any ClaroLux® luminaire and can be adjusted from 1˚ to 360˚.  The days of standing on a ladder fiddling with bulky tools trying to adjust your lighting fixtures are over.  With ClaroLux’s® universal mounting brackets they have truly hit the nail on the head.

Gutter Mount Adjustable Mounting Bracket SystemCL-GM100: ClaroLux’s® Adjustable Gutter Mounts are made out of US aluminum 6061.  The adjustable gutter mounts are offered in either white or bronze powder coated aluminum. The 1/2″-14 NPSM female threads enable it to attach to any ClaroLux® fixture or riser pole. ClaroLux’s® gutter mounts are truely revolutionary.  The universal mounting plate can be easily attached to the gutter mount plate and requires no tools for adjusting the fixture.   If you want to illuminate a roof line or the peak of a house simply attach ClaroLux’s® patented gutter mount to the fascia board or gutter then position the fixture where you want it.  It is the #1 choice among landscape lighting professionals.  The gutter mount plate includes two mini brass thumb screws so you can hold the position angle of the fixture. The universal mounting plate has 360˚ of adjustment.  All of ClaroLux’s® patented gutter mounts are made with pride in ClaroLux’s® manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.

CL-SM100: Surface Mount Adjustable Mounting Bracket SystemClaroLux’s® Patented Adjustable Surface Mounts are made out of US aluminum 6061.  The adjustable surface mounts are offered in bronze powder coated aluminum. The 1/2″-14 NPSM female threads enable it to attach to any ClaroLux® fixture or riser pole. ClaroLux’s® surface mounts are truely revolutionary.  The universal mounting plate can be easily attached to the surface mount plate and requires no tools for adjusting the fixture.   If you want to illuminate a feature that is surrounded by a hard surface simply attach ClaroLux’s® patented surface mount to the surface then position the fixture where you want it.  It is the #1 choice among landscape lighting professionals.  The surface mount plate includes two mini brass thumb screws so you can hold the position angle of the fixture. The universal mounting plate has 360˚ of adjustment.  All of ClaroLux’s® patented surface mounts are made with pride in ClaroLux’s® manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.

Designing a lighting system with the lamp in mind – Brilliance LED, LLC

Any professional lighting designer knows that one size lamp does not fit all applications.  Yet, some lighting manufacturers continue to sell their fixtures with the lamp included. We have yet to figure out how they know what will be lit.

The first step in designing a successful and aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting system is to start with the lamp, not the fixture.  Different objects deserve to be lit with the optimum wattage and beam angle to maximize the desired effect.  You wouldn’t want to light a tall narrow tree with a wide beam angle lamp where half the light is ineffective. Conversely, you wouldn’t wash a wall with a narrow spot.  Once the proper lamp has been selected, the contractor or designer can choose the best housing or fixture to support the lamp.

In an effort to be the best lighting designer possible, we encourage you to design with the desired end result in mind, hence your customers satisfaction.  Don’t settle for a “mediocre” result; go for the “WOW effect”!

Below is an example of how the same fixture and type of lamp with different beam angles/spreads can make a difference in the finished product.  Big difference!

Brilliance LED

Great examples of designing with light landscape images below courtesy of Light It Right in Houston, Texas utilizing 2700K Brilliance LED lamps in various beam angles. Photos by Gary Zvonkovic Photography. Copyright 2015

Brilliance LED Front of house

Brilliance LED landscape lighting

ClaroLux’s Lighting & Design Award – 2014 Winners

Each year ClaroLux® conducts their annual Lighting & Design photo contest, open to all of ClaroLux’s® valued dealers. The Lighting & Design Competition is a great opportunity for ClaroLux’s® Dealers to display their finest work, and to be recognized and rewarded for it. All of the 2014 Lighting & Design Award recipients not only win notoarity for winning but they also win 100 ClaroBucks that is loaded onto their ClaroLux® Visa Reward Card.

This year ClaroLux® selected winners in 4 categories:

  • Best Architectural Lighting – Home Project
  • Best Architectural Lighting – Commerical Project
  • Best Outdoor Living Area
  • Best Landscape (and/or Garden Area)

ClaroLux® is very proud to annouce the 2014 winners and their dedication to the outdoor lighting industry.

Congratulations to Light It Right – Winner of Architectural Home Project Category

500 Light Project on a Beautiful Estate in Houston, Texas




Lighting & Design Award Winner for Light It Right

PRIVATE RESIDENCE Winner Lighting & Design

Lighting & Design Photo Winner

Image Winner Lighting & Design

Congratulations to Southern Lights – Winner of Architectural Commercial Project Category

Downtown Randleman Revitalization Project

Lighting & Design winner

Commercial Project Lighting & Design

Project Winner Lighting & Design

Congratulations to Southern Showplace Landscapes – Winner of Outdoor Living Area Category

Bocce Ball Court on Lake Norman Estate

Winner Outdoor Living Space Lighting & Design

Lighting & Design Outdoor Winner

Congratulations to Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals – Winner of Landscape/Garden Area Category

Water Feature/Garden Area on an Estate in Raleigh, North Carolina

Garden Winner Lighting & Design

2015 AOLP Annual Conference & Expo

This week ClaroLux® was in San Antonio, Texas enjoying the beautiful weather and great company at the annual AOLP Annual Conference & Expo. ClaroLux® was proud to be one of the Gold Sponsors of the 2015 show.  The AOLP Conference took place at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel.  It was an absolutely beautiful place and was the perfect setting for the AOLP Expo.


AOLP Annual Conference We would just like to say thank you to all of the members and speakers for a wonderful trip that was put together.  A special thanks to the 2015 AOLP Executive Board Members including Matthew Broyles (President), Paul Welty (Vice President), Gerry De La Vega (Treasurer), John Niggli (Secretary), Paul Gosselin, John Niggli, Michael Deo, Victor Samano, Lisa Frye (Executive Director). Thank you all again for the time and effort that you put into the AOLP expo and conference.  Each and every year it gets bigger and better.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in the industry please visit the AOLP website.  AOLP offers many certification programs for outdoor lighting designers and professionals including COLD and CLVLT.

Make sure that the fixtures you are using carry the proper electrical listings

Many companies today in the market place offer fixtures that do not carry the proper electrical listings.  What does this mean to you?

When a fixture or electrical component is not properly tested by UL (or any other electrical listing entity), this fixture becomes a liability to your company.  No matter which brand of fixtures you are thinking of using, keep in mind the necessity of proper electrical listings.

All projects that are going in the ground today have the right to be inspected.  Even if you are not pulling the proper permits prior to the project being installed inspectors still have the right to inspect your work.  This means if you are installing a project and your local electrical inspector happens to drive by, he will most likely stop to check to see that you have the proper permits and are installing properly listed equipment. This is becoming more and more prevalent due to electrical fires that are occuring from inproper installation techniques and non-listed fixtures (fixtures that are usually imported from China).

proper electrical listings UL Logo

There is just far too much product being sold (from a variety of sources) that does not carry the appropriate listings. You as a professional installer must be certain that the components you are installing are properly inspected and listed. If the lighting fixtures that you are using are not properly listed, you could find yourself in a situation where your insurance is void and you are liable for anything that might happen to the system you have installed. Even if nothing ever happens to the system (safety wise), if your local electrical inspectors find unlisted product being installed they can take action against you.

Be smart!  Use properly listed products and help to protect our industry!  All ClaroLux Landscape Lighting products are UL Listed and meet UL code 1838.