Why Using Proper Connections Matter In Your Landscape Lighting System

When many people are in the market for their landscape lighting system they tend to overlook one of the most important features of their system; the connectors.  When you hire your outdoor lighting professional to install your landscape lighting system, it is critical to ensure that they are using UL approved grease filled connectors so that no moisture can reach the copper stranded wire.  At ClaroLux, we only recommend one type of direct burial connection (Dbr), UL approved copper crimps and grease tube connectors.


landscape lighting system improperly connectedMany people that are not experienced landscape lighters think that a connection is a connection but this is not the case at all.  Many connectors like silicone filled wire nuts (King Wire Nuts are the most popular) and Blazing Connectors (LV9000/LV9500) can arch creating an electrical hazard because sometimes a solid connection is not made during installation. Even though these connectors are UL approved DBrs they are not fail safe.  Silcone filled wire nuts and Blazing Connectors do not create a solid connection each and every time they are used therefore arching can occur.  This can wreak havoc and create issues that many homeowners never even think about when considering a landscape lighting system.

Over the years, ClaroLux has seen many cases where fires are caused by improper connections.  These fire hazards can be prevented by using UL approved copper crimps which lock down on the copper stranded wires creating a solid connection that will never come lose or arch over time.  Once the copper crimps and low voltage wires are placed into the grease filled plastic Dbrs, you will have a connection that will give you a solid water tight connection for many years to come.  ClaroLux strives to only offer the best in the landscape lighting market and this is why we only sell copper crimp grease tube DBr connectors to our certified installers.