ClaroLux’s New In-Ground Well Lights Are Now Made In The USA

WL3 Belmont Well Lights
WL3 Belmont Well Light

This past year ClaroLux® made the decision to design and manufacture their WL3 in ground well lights in the USA.  They were tired of contributing more and more to the trade deficit with China.  The Chinese have long been the go to source for landscape lighting products like well lights.  Well now ClaroLux® is changing the game.  ClaroLux® is fully invested in their efforts to bring all of their manufacturing back to the USA and the WL3 well light is another addition to the list.

The WL3 Belmont in ground well light is an injection molded ABS fixture that is manufactured here in the USA.  It is designed with air vents and vented tabs to help relieve condensation that tends to build up on the glass lens of the landscape lighting fixture.  Many other manufacturers use a plastic pipe that is then cut down to fit their specific fixture size. ClaroLux’s® well light housings are designed specifically for the landscape lighting industry.  Never before has a company created an injection molded well light pipe that is designed specifically for the landscape lighting industry let alone it being manufactured in the USA.

The Belmont is designed so that it can accept all three of ClaroLux’s® covers; WLC-II copper well light cover, WLC-FMB-III brass well light cover and the WLC-ABS plastic well light cover.  Each cover is designed for a specific use and the WL3 well light can fit almost every need.  For more information on the WL3 Belmont well light please click here.

WLC-ABS well lights
WLC-II well lights
WLC-FMB-III well lights