ClaroLux Is Proud To Announce Their 2016 Lighting & Design Winner

Each year, ClaroLux’s® Dealers submit some of their best work from the year to try and win ClaroLux’s® Lighting & Design Award.  This year Joel Mayor and his team with Texas Outdoor Lighting came out on top.  Joel and his team created a beautiful night-scene using ClaroLux’s® WL16-FT-III in-ground LED well lights, BL23-III brass bullet lights, TL24-III moon lights, and BrillianceLED’s strip lights. From the moonlighting effects in the backyard, to the custom core-drilled lights in the driveway, this project had a lot to showcase.

Each and every project from all of the entries that we received had their own unique features but Texas Outdoor Lighting set themselves apart from the rest of the competition with some of their custom work on this particular project.

Congratulations Texas Outdoor Lighting for winning ClaroLux’s 2016 Lighting & Design Award! Keep up the great work! To learn more about this project and Texas Outdoor Lighting please visit

2016 Winning Photos: