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Copper Landscape Lighting Fixtures – Made Proudly In The USA

At ClaroLux Landscape Lighting®, our team is often asked: why copper landscape lighting fixtures are often the preferred option for outdoor lighting fixtures when the landscape lighting system is located within 25 miles of the coast.  In addition to its natural beauty, copper is ideal for landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures because it will never rust or corrode.  Rust and corrosion quickly destroy unprotected aluminum, iron, and steel if they are left out in the elements, particularly in damp, coastal environments.

Copper Landscape Lighting Fixtures - Patina
ClaroLux’s AL10-II – Copper Patina

For example, if you live near the coast, you would not want to buy just any type of outdoor lighting. The salt air from the ocean can oxidize and destroy light fixtures made from cheaper materials such as aluminum. Even though ClaroLux’s® aluminum fixtures are constructed using 6061 aircraft aluminum which goes through their anodization process before being powder coated, copper is always a better solution for coastal environments. When copper outdoor light fixtures are left out in the elements, they will last for decades while developing a beautiful natural patina.

When you choose carefully, your outdoor lighting system can last forever and ClaroLux’s® American made copper landscape lighting fixtures work beautifully with any architectural style.  All copper ClaroLux fixtures are made from US grade copper and brass fittings in our Greensboro factory in the heart of North Carolina. ClaroLux® offers many different copper fixtures that will fit most of your lighting needs.
To view all of ClaroLux’s copper products please visit their products page.

Congratulations to ClaroLux’s 2015 Lighting & Design Award Winners

ClaroLux® would like to congratulate our Lighting & Design Award winners, and thank all of our dealers for their nighttime photo submissions this year.  We were overwhelmed by all of the beautiful projects that were submitted for our ClaroLux’s 2015 Lighting & Design Photo Contest.

ClaroLux’s 2015 Lighting & Design Award winners were judged against projects submitted from ClaroLux® lighting contractors throughout North & South America. The winning entries were determined based on various criteria including design creativity and techniques, project implementation, technical specifications, and overall continuity.

This year ClaroLux® Lighting & Design Award selected winners in 3 categories:

  • Best Architectural Lighting – Home Project
  • Best Architectural Lighting – Commerical Project
  • Best Outdoor Living/Garden Area

We are very proud to announce the 2015 winners and their dedication to the outdoor lighting industry.

Congratulations to Light It Right – Winner of Architectural Home Project Category

Large Estate in Houston, Texas with Multi-tiered Lighting Effects

Lighting & Design Award winner ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 2 ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 3
Congratulations to Southern Lights – Winner of Architectural Commercial Project Category

Southern Exposure’s Historic Store Front in Summerfield, NC.

ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 4 ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 5 ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 6

Congratulations to Texas Outdoor Lighting – Winner of Landscape/Garden Area Category

Beautifully Designed Outdoor Living Area In Austin, Texas

Lighting & Design Award 7 ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 8


ClaroLux's 2015 Lighting & Design Award 9


One of Texas’ Best Landscape Liters Takes To The Air

Joel Mayor, owner of Texas Outdoor Lighting, took to the air to show off a few of his recent landscape lighting projects in Austin, Texas.  As you can see, Joel’s background as a US Navy Airman still comes out from time to time.   The videos below show when it comes to landscape lighting, Texas Outdoor Lighting, is one of the best in Texas.

On this particular project Joel used ClaroLux’s SWL1-III specialty wash lights with Brilliance’s 2W Beacon LEDs to illuminate the long winding walkway leading up to the beautiful Texas estate.  The home was illuminated by ClaroLux’s BL23-III brass bullet lights with Brilliance’s 5W 2700k LED 60˚ MR16s to give the home a soft appealing glow.  The estates beautifully landscaped areas were moonlit by ClaroLux’s TL24-III brass tree lights with Brilliance’s 7W 3000k LED 30˚ MR16s.  The owner of the estate wanted an elegant, softly illuminated, resort style feeling at night and Texas Outdoor Lighting nailed it.

Texas Outdoor Lighting’s team created many different levels of light on the low country log cabin by using ClaroLux’s BL23-III brass LED bullet lights strategically mounted throughout the cabin.  The owner wanted to show off the incredible craftsmanship of not only the home but all of the grounds.  Texas Outdoor Lighting created one of the best projects of 2015 by going above an beyond what the homeowner ever imagined.

When it comes to creating nighttime master pieces Texas Outdoor Lighting is one of the best in the business.  Creating nighttime oasis’ takes skill and Joel Mayor and his team have exactly what it takes to give you the exact look you are going for when it comes to your nighttime scenery.  Please visit their website for more info on how they can help you light up your property at night;

Texas Outdoor Lighting – Your Landscape Lighting Specialist.

ClaroLux’s® New WFL26 LED Wash Light

The Charlotte WFL26-III brass LED wash light is among the most versatile in ClaroLux’s® line of high quality, high performance landscape LED luminaires. It is also one of the smallest luminaires that ClaroLux® has to offer.  Unlike many of the square Chinese mini-wash light fixtures that have flooded the landscape lighting world, the Charlotte has a unique form and function allowing its sleek silhouette to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.  But do not let the size of the luminaire fool you; it packs a big punch!  The WFL26 mini-wash light has a higher lumen output when compared to its Chinese competitors due to its innovative design.

ClaroLux's WF26 LED Wash Light vs Unique's Stellar
ClaroLux’s new brass WFL26-III Wash Light is hands down the best compact brass LED wash light on the market. See how it compared to the Unique’s Stellar brass wash light above. More and more people across the country are demanding a USA made product and the results above show why.
















The WFL26 mini-wash light is machined from solid brass bar stock, assembled with stainless steel hardware and sealed with two silicone o-rings.  This 12-Volt fixture is as durable as it is magnificent.  The wash light has several patented features like a 180˚, built-in, adjustable reflector shield.  This gives the WFL26 not only the ability to soften the light output but also the ability to shield the light glare. The Charlotte also has an optional frosted glass lens available for purchase.  See how the light output of the WFL26 compared to Unique’s Stellar brass wash light below.

ClaroLux's WFL26 vs Unique's Stellar Photometrics
The results of the test showed that ClaroLux’s WFL26 had a much cleaner, crisper light due to the design and reflective properties of the luminaire. The Unique’s Stellar brass wash light performed well but the light output was not near as crisp and clean looking as the WFL26. The Stellar had less light spread and the color of the light was hendered by the design of the fixture.



ClaroLux’s WFL26 wash light is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA exclusively by ClaroLux, LLC® and backed by their Lifetime Warranty.  Don’t settle for inexpensive Chinese imports that will only cause you headaches down the road; use the best, ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems®.

Is Your Landscape Lighting Business Needing More Exposure?

Landscape Lighting businessTo receive national recognition of your beautifully illuminated landscape lighting projects, enter ClaroLux’s® Lighting & Design Photo competition! The contest is open to all of ClaroLux’s authorized Dealers and is FREE!

ClaroLux’s® goal with the nighttime photo contest is to help inspire all of our Dealers be the best that they can be with a little friendly competition. With the ClaroLux® Lighting & Design contest it enables our authorized Dealers to show off their best work. Winners of the contest will not only be given national exposure in ClaroLux’s® advertising material and website but will also receive great rewards.

When our Dealers learn about the Lighting & Design photography contest, they realize not only can they win prizes, but their photos will reach countless customers who will view their design and installation of a beautiful landscape lighting project. This year ClaroLux® will be offering rewards to the winner of each category.

Lighting & Design Award Categories:

  • Architectural Lighting – Residential – ($200 reward)
  • Architectural Lighting – Commercial – ($200 reward)
  • Outdoor Living/Garden Area – ($100 Reward)

ClaroLux’s® Lighting & Design Award winners are judged against projects submitted from ClaroLux® lighting contractors throughout North & South America. Winning entries are determined based on various criteria including design creativity and techniques, project implementation, technical specifications, and overall continuity. Winning entries will be announced January, 2016.

ClaroLux® is now accepting entries; please send entries to; attn: Lighting & Design Award Contest.  The deadline for ClaroLux’s® photo contest is December 22nd, 2015. We look forward to seeing all your entries!

It’s That Time Of Year Again – AOLP Conference & Expo In Atlanta, GA

How can you set yourself apart from the competition, gain respect, acquire knowledge and invest in your future?  By becoming certified!!!  Become a CLVLT or sign up for the COLD program at the AOLP Annual Conference & Expo being held the week of February 16-20, 2015, at the Embassy Suites Atlanta – Bulkhead in Atlanta, GA.
AOLP Conference
The annual AOLP Conference & Expo is praised among members for its educational and networking opportunities. It’s also the perfect time to become certified. seo website analysis report For your convenience, the CLVLT exam and COLD sessions are held in the days prior to the conference at the conference hotel.  If you have any questions about these certification programs, please contact Kelly at 717-238-2504 or
  • COLD: Year 1 Session (Tuesday, February 16 & Wednesday, February 17, 2015)
  • COLD: Year 3 Session (Tuesday, February 16, 2015)

Click here for the registration form.

For more information on COLD, click here
  • CLVLT Exam (Wednesday, February 17, 2015)
Click here for the registration form. 
For more information on CLVLT, click here.   

The Importance Of The Nighttime Demo

Nighttime lighting demonstrations, aka “the demo”, are one of the best selling tools in the outdoor lighting industry. Since the early 90’s, companies across the nation have been performing nighttime demos to show their prospective clients what the finished product will look like when the job is complete. The Nighttime demo is a great selling tool because it also provides the flexibility of immediately responding to your customer’s varied tastes. This helps you personalize each project and give your proposal the dramatic impact it takes to land the sale.

Nighttime Demo Landscape Lighting










Until a few years ago almost every outdoor lighting business offered FREE nighttime demos. With increasing competition and homeowners becoming more familiar with the concept of landscape lighting, many professionals are charging for design proposals. Charging for design proposals is a hot topic in many industries. There are pros and cons but those who have been in the industry for some time feel that demos are what is needed to sell the project and thus keep the landscape lighting industry alive and well.

You as a professional have to look at yourself as not only an installer but more importantly, a designer. Asking someone to pay for a design is not asking too much. After all, your design is part of the reason the customer is choosing to go with you. Think about the landscape industry; landscape architects charge for their landscape designs so why are you not charging for yours? By charging for your nighttime design proposals you are not only pre-qualifying your potential buyer, but you are also charging for your designs and ideas. After all, your designs, ideas, and proposals take time and experience; right?

So, how much should you charge for your nighttime demonstrations? Well, this depends on the time involved, size of the lighting project, etc. Some will charge $95 – $350 for their demos. The price variance for a nighttime demo depends on what is included in the lighting proposal. If the client decides they would like to proceed with the work after the demo is complete then a contract is signed and the “design fee” for the nighttime proposal is waived. If the client feels that they need to get a few other estimates or think about your proposal, then the client will pay the design fee at the end of the demo.

Keep in mind, your goal is to sell more landscape lighting projects, not to deter business due to charging for your nighttime demo. The goal is to establish a practice that helps you cover some of the expenses involved with the design process and prevent you from chasing leads that aren’t serious about your services. After reading this blog, ask yourself what your time, experience and design time is worth? If you feel this is something you should begin charging for, then look at your time involved with each project and determine your appropriate rate.

ClaroLux’s New In-Ground Well Lights Are Now Made In The USA

WL3 Belmont Well Lights
WL3 Belmont Well Light

This past year ClaroLux® made the decision to design and manufacture their WL3 in ground well lights in the USA.  They were tired of contributing more and more to the trade deficit with China.  The Chinese have long been the go to source for landscape lighting products like well lights.  Well now ClaroLux® is changing the game.  ClaroLux® is fully invested in their efforts to bring all of their manufacturing back to the USA and the WL3 well light is another addition to the list.

The WL3 Belmont in ground well light is an injection molded ABS fixture that is manufactured here in the USA.  It is designed with air vents and vented tabs to help relieve condensation that tends to build up on the glass lens of the landscape lighting fixture.  Many other manufacturers use a plastic pipe that is then cut down to fit their specific fixture size. ClaroLux’s® well light housings are designed specifically for the landscape lighting industry.  Never before has a company created an injection molded well light pipe that is designed specifically for the landscape lighting industry let alone it being manufactured in the USA.

The Belmont is designed so that it can accept all three of ClaroLux’s® covers; WLC-II copper well light cover, WLC-FMB-III brass well light cover and the WLC-ABS plastic well light cover.  Each cover is designed for a specific use and the WL3 well light can fit almost every need.  For more information on the WL3 Belmont well light please click here.

WLC-ABS well lights
WLC-II well lights
WLC-FMB-III well lights

ClaroLux’s BL23 New Stationary Socket With Cooling Fins

Stationary Socket BL23Since ClaroLux’s® inception the BL23’s internal components were composed of a stainless steel spring and a floating copper beryllium MR16 stationary socket with stainless steel clips.  With the creation of the BL23’s little brother, the BL21 compact bullet light, the stainless steel spring was passed down to the BL21 and a new era has begun with the BL23.

The BL23 has now received all new internals which includes a billet aluminum socket with cooling fins.  This not only holds the lamp in place but also helps with heat dissipation.  The BL23 is now in a league of its own.  To learn more about the BL23 please click here.

Made In The Carolinas – ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

ClaroLux landscape lighting featured in “Made in the Carolinas”

ClaroLux’s decision to bring their manufacturing back to the USA has completely changed the way their products are manufactured and assembled.  Over the past 25 years, almost all of the landscape lighting industry has sourced their products from other countries like China. ClaroLux® is one of the few lighting manufacturers in the United States that is now manufacturing almost all of their lighting products in house, in Greensboro, NC, USA!

We are involved in every bit of the production process. From the design of the fixtures on 3D printers to the manufacturing process, ClaroLux® is there, making sure it is done properly. It all begins with a simple idea, then that idea is taken to ClaroLux’s design team to make that idea come to life with their CAD software and 3D printers.  The design staff is very involved with their Dealer network so once the designs are printed into a working prototype they are sent out for “real world” testing.  Once that feedback is received, ClaroLux® then makes the fixture come to life on their CNC machines.  These processes are what sets ClaroLux apart from the rest of their competition.

Click on the link below to see why landscape lighting designers and landscape architects across the world are choosing ClaroLux® products to illuminate their most important projects.  Their specification grade landscape lighting luminaries are now some of the best products on the market.  When you choose a ClaroLux Landscape Lighting System® you will be assured to have the best landscape lighting system on the market that will last you for many years to come.

ClaroLux® – “A System That Lasts A Lifetime!”

Made in the Carolinas - ClaroLux Landscape Lighting
TWC featured ClaroLux Landscape Lighting today on their series “Made in the Carolinas” showing how Made In America is making a big comeback. Click here to see how ClaroLux® is separating themselves from the rest of their competition.