Are all LEDs the same?

On the surface, it seems like a no brainer to “go green” and use LEDs in your landscape lighting system. They use about 1/3 the energy, last up to 15 years, and almost completely eliminate your maintenance costs.

How could you go wrong?

The reality, however, is that the majority of these outdoor LED’s have failed to live up to their promises. The Dept. of Energy (DOE) launched a testing program (Caliper) that put these products on the block. The results were staggering; nearly every product failed to meet its claims. One LED manufacturer faces a lawsuit because their products were so abysmal.

Landscape Lighting LEDs face many hurtles when trying to live up to their claims (10-15 year life expectancy).  Some of these hurtles are light output, proper heat dissipation, moisture, color, and the integrity of the fixture body that houses the LED.  Let’s not forget, LED circuits are sensitive bundles of electronics. Would you put your cell phone in a cheap leaky box, plant it in your back yard and expect it to last 10-15 years?  It’s not easy to manufacturer a sensitive piece of electronics that will survive Mother Nature.

This is why ClaroLux has teamed up with Brilliance LED.  Brilliance has teamed up and worked with some of the top engineers in the world to produce their 12V landscape LED line.  BrillianceLED hired some of the best engineers in the industry to custom-design their LED’s to withstand the outdoor environment and to outperform any other LED on the market.

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