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Brilliance’s New 120˚ MR16 LED

MR16 LEDLEDs are becoming more and more versatile as they begin to replace all of the aging halogen landscape lighting systems in the marketplace.  Professionals are now relying on LEDs more so than ever to help them to bring their designs to life.  What used to be a world dominated by halogen landscape lighting fixtures and lamps is now being ruled by LEDs.  As the demand for LEDs continues to grow, so are the choices for LEDs.  Recently Brilliance MR16 LED added a “no lens” 120˚ MR16 LED that can be used in a bullet/spot light fixture like ClaroLux’s CL-BL21 & CL-BL23 MR16 LED.  This enables the fixture to not only be used as a directional spot light but also a wash light.  The 120˚ MR16 LED allows professionals to softly wash surfaces that used to require the use of a bulky wash light and inefficient halogen bi-pins.  With the use of the 120˚ MR16 LEDs in bullet/spot lights like the CL-BL21 and CL-BL23 this not only creates a super efficient luminaire but also a very versatile one.
ClaroLux’s CL-BL21 and CL-BL23 also come with many other accessories like honey comb louvers, colored lens (green, red, amber, metal halide, mercury vapor), etc.    In the past if you were to use a wash light to softly illuminate a surface you would be limited to just how bright you wanted the luminaire to be.  Now, with the introduction of the 120˚ MR16 from Brilliance LED, this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for outdoor lighting designers and professionals.

ClaroLux is excited to be one of the first landscape lighting manufacturers to offer the 4W, 5W and 7W 120˚ MR16 LEDs from Brilliance.