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Our Mission Statement

In an industry not known for its consciousness of how, where, or by whom it’s products are made, we decided to take a stand, and start trying to make a difference by manufacturing our products in the place where we all live… The United States of America! The ClaroLux mission statement is important to us.

ClaroLux Mission StatementIn December of 2011, Brian Groat (ClaroLux’s® Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer) and I made up our minds that we were moving our manufacturing back to America. We both were starting to see a trend that really concerned us. Not only were we spending more and more time away from our families traveling overseas but we were seeing our great American economy suffer. Both of us wanted ClaroLux® to take a stand and make a difference.  Brian and I knew that ClaroLux® alone could not change the world with a decision like this one – but in my mind every little bit helps – it has to start somewhere so why not with us?

By us moving our manufacturing back to our facilities in Greensboro, NC, USA, we not only hoped that it would help the local economy but also help to grow our brand since ClaroLux® is in fact one of the FEW companies that are now making their landscape lighting products here in the US.  We have had a huge response to our move and our improvement in attention to detail and quality with our move.  At ClaroLux® we all pride in our economy.  Our number one goal is to provide our Dealers and customers with products that are going to last them a lifetime.  When you are trying to make your decision on what products to use to illuminate your home or landscape make sure to choose products that are made here in the USA.  Make a difference – Buy products that are made in the great country we all live in – BUY MADE IN THE USA!

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and we look forward to working with you more.


Brandon Helms – CEO ClaroLux®, LLC