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ClaroLux’s Lighting & Design Award – 2011 Winner

Award-winning Design Award landscape lighting design by Marcus Vinroot

Congratulations to Marcus Vinroot with Green Visions in Greensboro, NC for winning ClaroLux’s 2011 Lighting and Design Award. Marcus was one of a couple thousand installations that was entered this past year into ClaroLux’s competition.

Marcus is a master in finding the perfect blend of architectural lighting and landscape lighting. On this particular project, Marcus used ClaroLux’s LED Copper fixtures which resulted in an exuberant nighttime experience that embraced the totality of the property.

Exceptional architectural lighting, as shown here, requires an artistic eye and complete mastery of lighting tools from ClaroLux.

Thanks again to Marcus and Green Visions of Greensboro, NC for elevating the art of landscape lighting and choosing ClaroLux as his supplier. Homeowners looking for exceptional lighting customized to their property, their homes, and their lives should contact Green Visions. Marcus and his team are masters of landscape lighting.

2011 Design Award winner

Are all LEDs the same?

On the surface, it seems like a no brainer to “go green” and use LEDs in your landscape lighting system. They use about 1/3 the energy, last up to 15 years, and almost completely eliminate your maintenance costs.

How could you go wrong?

The reality, however, is that the majority of these outdoor LED’s have failed to live up to their promises. The Dept. of Energy (DOE) launched a testing program (Caliper) that put these products on the block. The results were staggering; nearly every product failed to meet its claims. One LED manufacturer faces a lawsuit because their products were so abysmal.

Landscape Lighting LEDs face many hurtles when trying to live up to their claims (10-15 year life expectancy).  Some of these hurtles are light output, proper heat dissipation, moisture, color, and the integrity of the fixture body that houses the LED.  Let’s not forget, LED circuits are sensitive bundles of electronics. Would you put your cell phone in a cheap leaky box, plant it in your back yard and expect it to last 10-15 years?  It’s not easy to manufacturer a sensitive piece of electronics that will survive Mother Nature.

This is why ClaroLux has teamed up with Brilliance LED.  Brilliance has teamed up and worked with some of the top engineers in the world to produce their 12V landscape LED line.  BrillianceLED hired some of the best engineers in the industry to custom-design their LED’s to withstand the outdoor environment and to outperform any other LED on the market.

View Brilliance’s Full Line of Landscape LEDs

One of the best – Brandon Kuehler with Light It Right of Texas

Landscape Lighting is a profession that hosts a wide variety of individuals – with a wide range of talents. This fact complicates a home owner’s selection of a landscape lighting designer – who’s good, who’s bad, and who’s truly exceptional? Like all complicated decisions, the best answers come from knowledge – preferably knowledge based on evidence.

Light It Right of Texas ImageBrandon Kuehler, owner of Light It Right of Texas, is the leader in architectural and landscape lighting in the Greater Houston area.  Brandon provides his customers with the highest quality, low voltage lighting systems that best displays the beauty of their homes and businesses at night while simultaneously increasing their safety and value.

Brandon’s business is based solely on architectural and landscape lighting. This specialty, coupled with over 20 years combined Houston area lighting experience, ensures his customers receive the highest level of expertise in the design and installation of architectural and landscape lighting systems.

The most compelling evidence of Brandon’s expertise is found on the faces of his customers – expressions that range from gratitude, to delight, to serenity, to pride.  If you visit Light It Right’s website you will see that time and time again, Brandon’s customers are thrilled with his work.

Brandon was also the winner of ClaroLux’s 2008 Lighting & Design Award contest which is an incredible achievement in itself.   Every year over thousands of installations are submitted for ClaroLux’s Lighting & Design Award and Brandon is always in the top five selections.

If you are in the greater Houston area and are looking to purchase a landscape lighting system – Brandon Kuehler of Light it Right is your #1 choice!

Brandon can be contacted at (281) 492-6630 or at

Brandon of Light It Right of TexasBrandon Kueler Light It Right of Texas

Saying Good-bye to the “Dinosaurs”: 900w and 1200w transformers

1200w transformersLow voltage transformers are the heart of every landscape lighting system.  Their job is fairly simple; to convert 120 volts (high voltage) to the voltage required to power a 12-volt lighting system.  Well, in theory it seems just that easy but there is a lot of engineering that goes into the construction of these power supplies.

Up until this year, ClaroLux produced transformers that ranged in capacity from 300 watts, 900w to 1200w; and that ranged in output from 12 volts to 22 volts.  Over the past ten years, ClaroLux engineers have modified the components and design of these transformers – to improve their functionality and reliability.  The larger transformers (900 watts and above) presented the greatest engineering challenges. These transformers carried such a high current load that it stressed the unit’s electronic components.  Additional stresses were applied due to the occasional presence of “inrush current” – a powerful surge that floods the unit upon start-up.  After testing many different thermistors and contactor switches ClaroLux felt it was best to eliminate these ancient “dinosaurs”.

With LEDs becoming the future in the landscape lighting industry ClaroLux decided it was best to start focusing on a more compact transformer that could drive the LEDs.  This led to the development of our small, compact 12V – 75w, 150w and 300w low voltage LED transformers.  ClaroLux has once again set the industry standard developing the first and only LED transformer on the market today.