Landscape Architects & Lighting Specifiers


ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting is a top choice among Landscape Architects and Lighting Specifiers because we manufacture, durable, innovative, specification-grade landscape lighting luminaires for commercial and residential projects. ClaroLux® outdoor lighting fixtures are designed, manufactured, finished, and assembled in Greensboro, NC.  




Superior Materials

ClaroLux® uses only the purest non-ferrous metals available to withstand rust and corrosion. At ClaroLux®, we use premium, USA-grade domestically sourced raw materials like C110 Copper and C360 Brass bar stock. Our landscape lighting fixtures are built to last and can withstand the harshest outdoor elements. ClaroLux® landscape lighting fixtures will maintain a beautiful exterior finish, and the integrity of the interior components will be maintained through silicone o-rings, UV adhesives, and potting materials to seal the fixture from insect and moisture intrusion. ClaroLux® lighting products are a permanent addition to any commercial or residential landscape project!


ClaroLux® Advantage

  • Products Designed, Manufactured, Finished, and Assembled in Greensboro, NC
  • Specification Grade Luminaires precision CNC machined to hold part tolerances within aerospace industry standards
  • Installation, Photometric & Specification Sheets Available
  • On-Site Adjustability of Color Temperature, Beam Angle, and Light Output Intensity Options
  • Products Designed By Contractors with SERVICABILITY in mind
  • Industry Leading Low Voltage LED Lamps
  • Lighting System Design Consulting & Sales Support
  • Great Customer Service
  • Dealer Focus - ClaroLux Does Not Sell or Advertise to Homeowners
  • Same Day Shipping on Most Orders
  • Online Ordering Available 24/7


ClaroLux® Industry Partners

At ClaroLux®, we specialize in manufacturing, premium quality, American made, outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. By focusing our efforts on manufacturing luminaires, and relying on others to manufacture our LED Lamps, Transformers, Wire, etc, we ensure that ClaroLux® Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems are the best on the market. 



ClaroLux's® Authorized Dealers have access to our full line of fixtures and literature necessary to design and install Landscape Lighting Systems of any scale, large or small. We offer Specification Sheets, Installation Instructions, and Information Sheets, and we have created an intuitive online ordering platform that allows you to download documents, order online, print price lists, and more!

To learn more about what ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting Systems has to offer please click here to register to become an Authorized Dealer.  You can aslo see our products on CAD Details.


Brass, Copper, and Aluminum Luminaires


  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Ideal For Coastal Environments
  • Naturally Patinas Over Time 
  • Finish Will Never Peal, Fade, Or Chip


  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Beautiful, Uniform, Dark Brown Antique Brass Finish with Gold Highlights
  • Finish Will Not Change…What You See Is What You Get For Many Years To Come


  • 5 Year Structural Warranty
  • Bronze Powder Coated Finish Helps The Fixture To Blend Into It’s Surrounding Environment
  • For Those on a Limited Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

ClaroLux® has teamed up with many architects all across the country due to their ability to provide instant access to valuable information for their site plans.  ClaroLux® offers everything from specification sheets to light symbols their website for download.  Their #1 goal is to help make the architects job easier.  

ClaroLux® not only offers incredible customer support to all of their architects but also products that are far superior than other landscape lighting products on the market.  Most architects enjoy working with ClaroLux® because they bring added value by offering products that are made right here in the USA.