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About Us

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At ClaroLux®, our goal is to set the standard in the landscape lighting industry. We are happy to be the exception, not the rule. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new and innovative products that can help revolutionize the low voltage landscape lighting industry. From our patented SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light to our patented directional spot lights, ClaroLux® has set many firsts in the industry. We pride ourselves on being innovative, passionate, and dedicated to setting the standard. What you will find when you purchase from ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting is that the norm is never good enough. We believe in our mission, we believe in ourselves, and we believe in our products. This is why we chose to bring our manufacturing back home the USA and manufacture all of our products in our very own facility in Greensboro, NC.

ClaroLux® uses only the best materials available to withstand rust and corrosion. We categorically reject the use of mediocre materials. At ClaroLux®, we use only handpicked, premium, USA-grade raw materials like A6110 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, C110 Copper, and C260/C360 Brass bar stock.  ClaroLux® benchmarks industry best practices for our manufacturing standards and employs the highest-quality hardware, accessories, and premium components available for the landscape lighting industry. All of our landscape lighting fixtures are built to last and can withstand the various elements associated with outdoor landscapes. Remember, it is not only how beautiful the finish is on the outside, but also what is underneath that counts. At ClaroLux®, lighting products are viewed as a permanent addition to your home that will last you many years to come! Come see why ClaroLux® is the absolute best outdoor landscape lighting manufacturer in the world!

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Brian Groat (ClaroLux’s® Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer) and Brandon Helms (ClaroLux’s® Chief Executive Officer) have over 30 years of experience in the Landscape Lighting Industry.  Brandon and Brian started out in the outdoor lighting industry as contractors/installers, but as time went on, they were getting tired of receiving inferior products from other manufacturers that were simply acting as middle-men selling Chinese products. During their time as installers, they became intimately aware of the many problems that plague lighting installers. Both Brandon and Brian were determined to address these problems and started a new company, ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting.  They went out and designed a lighting system that was easy to install and able to endure the harsh elements of any climate. ClaroLux® is committed to using only the best materials and craftsmanship; and to providing an unmatched level of customer support and training. Through Brandon and Brian’s hard work and persistence, their dynamic company has quickly become an industry leader in the landscape lighting world. Read the CEO’s message.