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At ClaroLux®, our goal is to set the standard in the landscape lighting industry. We are happy to be the exception, not the rule. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new and innovative products that can help revolutionize the low voltage lighting industry. From our patented CL-SWL1-III Specialty Wash Light to our adjustable WFL26 LED wash lights, ClaroLux® has set many firsts in the landscape lighting world. We pride ourselves on being innovative, passionate, and dedicated to setting the standard. What you will find when you purchase from ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting is that the norm is never good enough. We believe in our mission; we believe in ourselves; and we believe in our products. This is why our products are some of the best landscape lighting products on the market.

Over the past 25 years, almost all of the landscape lighting industry has sourced their products from other countries like China. ClaroLux® is one of the few lighting manufacturers in the United States that is manufacturing 90% of their lighting products in house, in Greensboro, NC, USA! We are involved in every bit of the production process. From the design of the fixtures on 3D printers to the manufacturing process, ClaroLux® is there, making sure it is done properly. Come and see why landscape lighting designers and landscape architects across the world are choosing ClaroLux® products to illuminate their most important projects.

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USA Made Landscape Lighting

USA Made Landscape Lighting

ClaroLux's landscape lighting fixtures are proudly made in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.  When you choose an American made ClaroLux Lighting System, you can rest assured that you will get the best quality outdoor lighting fixtures available today.

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Green LED Lighting Solutions

Green LED Lighting Solutions

Brilliance LEDs use the most advanced technology and provide superior light quality compared to other LEDs.  Brilliance is the only choice when looking for a direct replacement LED for your landscape lighting system.

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